• Murcof says 'delete me'!

    28 Jun 2007, 17:46 de idna

    Murcof's new record 'Cosmos' has finally a release date and stuff. But some of you, just like me, might've found it already floating around in p2p world as 'Cosmos EP'. Well in a message on Murcof's myspace blog he is asking us to delete it giving a good motivation:
    Please delete me!
    That's right, I need to ask a favor of you fine people, to please delete the "Cosmos" EP you downloaded from SoulSeek, LimeWire or the such.
    This is because of one simple reason, they are not the final versions, they are near-final versions that leaked into the net.
    The final version of these tracks are going to be available on the "Cosmos" album, wich will be out early september this year, so you can listen to it how it was meant to be heard.
    I followed his advice and will wait to listen to the proper songs. One track (Cielo) can be listened on his myspace.
    The album will contain 6 tracks (unlike the EP which had only 4) and will be released on Leaf Label.

    Now let's see: