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  • why cant i listen to the track i selected??? Lastfm blows
  • Atari Blitzkrieg releases his latest project, the SNES soundtrack inspired 'Super.' Each track utilizes a sample from various SNES games. - More info on my page or check us at
  • Zelda: Link To The Past / Never Scared mashup is the best tune... Maybe one of the best hip hop tunes I have ever heard, and I don't even like the original. Perfect juxtapositon.
  • I could listen to Doom/FF mashups for like three albums worth of music
  • 'that drug rug/gucci mane track is ill. reallly suprised its not in the top.' (2) - So good wow.
  • I just noticed team teamwork is in my all-time top 20 most listened to artists...
  • What dhaostherapper said. An Earthbound approach would be neat.
  • this shit is ballinnnn
  • this is great
  • lol what the fuck this guy made me nostalgia hard
  • Guy is dope as fuck. Super Nintendo Sega Genesis is amazing.
  • SO PSYCHED for your show tonight !! if any of y'all are in the boston area, team teamwork DJs at the Good Life, 21+ really good time
  • so much awesome
  • Glad to see someone who's played Ristar.
  • This guy owns the fucking world :D
  • earthbound instrumental. please make it available.
  • Thanks for the new download. Are you going to do a Summer mix for this year?
  • Would you already have the instrumentals for Super Nintendo Sega Genesis ready for download, or are you in progress of doing so?
  • New album is <3
  • disregard the words after "Love the new album" on my last comment
  • Love the new album, do you mind putting up the 2nd track for a separate download for some reason I can't extract it even though I've downloaded the album multiple times.
  • GUILE THEME I LOVE YOU GOTDAMN this shit is bananas
  • noyce
  • Sarah, thanks. But I think you meant fudging incredible.
  • new album is best ever, sounds f-ing incredible dude
  • New album is beyond great.
  • New album is great
  • SUPER NINTENDO SEGA GENESIS is out now! Http://
  • Freakin' awesome.
  • I'd totally get physicals of your albums if you had that thing Girl Talk does where you get 'a free CD with your donation of $10'
  • @nmarmino, I tried! won't let me upload anymore albums.
  • i still play your ante up battle remix at parties shit gets wild yo
  • Lyrically Inclined/JENOVA is definitely my favorite, sad to see it's not up there.
  • partybabe14, there's a track on my new album that's going to satisfy your desire for justice in this world.
  • SUPER METROID. if there is any justice in this world.
  • Can't wait for the next album, mate. Your shit is amazing.
  • Can't wait for Good-Ass 2 and SNSG (WIDBICPT)
  • Good stuff.
  • horse race at lon lon ranch!! awesome throwback to zelda, nicely done
  • OK Biggie
  • super nintendo sega genesis when i was dead broke man i couldn't picture this
  • You must do Earthbound.
  • this is hilarious
  • There needs to be a Shinobi III record. Real talk.
  • A Mario themed album would be sweet
  • this shits on girl talk
  • Talk about nailing the white-suburban-über-geek demographic. THIS SHIT IS AMAZING.


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