• The Jukebox Christmas Calendar

    1 Dic 2009, 10:07 de Hollow0ne

    So it's the time of the year, when everyone is opening their christmas calendars. I decided to make a playlist which contains songs titled with only the number for each day 'til christmas eve. So on the 1st day I have a song called One, on 2nd day it's song titled Two and so on.

    And to make things little more interesting I compiled this playlist using Spotify's search bar and adding songs from artists I have never heard before. Well, actually, I tried to find familiar artists, but because of the limitations to the song titles it was quite hard, so I had to pick up some totally unknown and some artists which I know only by name, but haven't heard any of their songs before.

    I'll keep updating this journal each day as days go by and try to write some thoughts about each song. Remember that all these songs are available on Spotify, so if you like you can go and take a listen by yourself.

    Okay, so the countdown to christmas starts and here are the songs for each day:

  • Through The Barricades

    30 Nov 2009, 22:58 de fm014

    Hi readers (still without time for comments),

    I guess it would be kind of repetitive if I would continue writing that I was busy. So I thought maybe I should just write something about that aspect when I wasn't that particularly busy during last week. It might save time. :-P

    Well, this time I will make it short. My stats of last week:

    I'm quite surprised to see that I heard Beyoncé that much... in fact most.
    Second would be Taylor Swift who is quite new to my playlist.
    Both female singers recently released a Platinum Edition of their last album and both feature some really good songs on them. So maybe you should give them a try (as some songs are available for streaming here).

    Next up is Jamie Cullum whose album "The Pursuit" has some really nice tracks. My absolute favorite these days is "If I Ruled The World" - a really beautiful song.
    Then I had a kind of retro flash while listening to Spandau Ballet. …
  • Favourite albums of 2009, updated 29th November

    29 Nov 2009, 11:22 de davidn87

  • New Opinions of Last.fm's Top 50

    29 Nov 2009, 10:06 de LexiFSAS

    Before I begin, this is for my own fun and because I'm extremely bored with nothing to do. I'm sick. Even if I say I don't like a certain band or say negative things about a certain band, I have mad respect for anyone that listens to them. Everyone's music taste is their own, and no one has the right to tell you that your taste in music is bad. If anyone does, make them go away.

    1. Muse - I, for one, don't like Muse. I feel like they have become the new Radiohead. I really enjoy a select few songs, particularly Assassin. This song is just great and full of some really intense energy. Also, Plug-In Baby is really great. I find everything else... rather bland. I really dislike their new album and have heard from other people that it was disappointing. Also, I find Knights of Cydonia really annoying. Don't ask me why. Most of you probably think it's like the best song ever made, so props to you. Just not for me.

    2. The Beatles - I don't want to go ranting about them…
  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 11

    26 Nov 2009, 12:34 de CvaldaVessalis

    Just one more month to go after this, then my ludicrous monthly assignments can finally calm down... I don't mind listening to all of this music, but writing, linking and tagging all of this stuff can be very tiresome. Still, November's been a good month thus far, but before I get started... X Factor, despite not having any really good contestants this year (Stacey is adorable but not strictly an international star, same going for Olly and Joe, Lloyd shouldn't have been in the finals in the first place really and Danyl is quite clearly so unlikeably loathsome with his big voice as to make me try to scratch my eyeballs out), is still as galvanisingly awesome as ever, what with everyone FINALLY coming around to appreciating how lovely and astute Dannii Minogue is compared to the others; Christmas is nearly here, which means I'll have to unearth both versions of Black Christmas for yuletide merriment (and on top of that both versions of the remake…
  • Corinne Bailey Rae - Trouble Sleeping

    26 Nov 2009, 4:46 de gigi00

    It's late and I'm feeling so tired
    Having trouble sleeping.
    This constant compromise
    Between thinking and breathing.

    Could it be I'm suffering
    Because I'm never give in?
    Won't say that I'm falling in love
    Tell me I don't seem myself
    Couldn't I blame something else?

    Just don't say I'm falling in love

    Some kind of therapy
    Is all I need
    Please believe me
    Some instant remedy
    That can cure me completely

    Could it be that I'm suffering
    Because I'll never give in?
    Won't say that I'm falling in love
    Tell me I don't seem myself
    Couldn't I blame something else?

    Just don't say I'm falling in love
    'cause I've been there before and it's not enough
    So nobody say it

    Don't even say it
    I ve got my eyes shut
    Won't look, oh
    No, I'm not in love

    Could it be I'm suffering
    Because I'll never give in?
    I'm falling love
    Tell me I don't seem myself good enough for something else

    Just don't say I'm falling in love
    Falling in love
    Just don't say I'm falling in love
    Oh, yeah
  • The 9513 Last.fm Chart Update (11-22-09)

    25 Nov 2009, 2:06 de Carpetbagger513

    Last.fm Top Artists
    If anything cam be taken from this week’s charts, it’s that The 9513 fans are not beholden to pop culture and the media to dictate their listening habits. Either that, or no one’s gotten the memo that Taylor and Carrie are the biggest things in country music right now. Probably the former, though. For the second straight week, Miranda Lambert is the #1 artist, with 32 listeners, leaving the rest of the group in the dust. Carrie “Hot Pants” Underwood comes in at #3 with 25 listeners, along with Alan Jackson, Johnny Cash and Brad Paisley. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, finished with 22 listeners, leaving her at #11 along with Dwight Yoakam. Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and Gloriana, the other big country winners at last night’s American Music Awards, had 17, 13 and 10 listeners, good for #27, #42 and #79, respectively. We’re so counterculture. Speaking of, Ryan Adams led the Americana artists with 14 listeners, with Hayes Carll and Rosanne Cash with 13.

    Last.fm Top Albums
  • Crappy Reviews II: Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls

    25 Nov 2009, 1:43 de AJLovesAllie

    The highly anticipated followup to the debut album from Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk kick starts with the autotuned beginnings of Heart Heart Heartbreak. It's an upbeat intro, but one thing that distracts me is that the tune is so blatantly similar to Bon Jovi's It's My Life. The chorus, typical of punk/rock, is addictively catchy. Instruments wise, the drums is the best here, followed by the simple guitars, one of which most find familiar to Bon Jovi. The bridge finally adds a bit more originality, however it's not enough to erase the Bon Jovi similarities. The guitar solo is pretty awesome mind, as is the chorus that follows. A decent, but forgettable, opening to this album.

    The title track, Love Drunk, is one you may find familiar. Yet again catchy and upbeat, Love Drunk adds some memorable music to the album. Onje thing very distracting though is the tune in the chorus. Sing The Killers "Somebody Told Me" then "Love Drunk", and the similarities are obvious. …
  • First blog

    24 Nov 2009, 18:00 de MileyFan100

    first blog post hey everyone... today i've been listening to some music and uploaded a new profile picture and updated my profile. I haven't posted so i figured i would. Well what up everyone?!?! I'm really hyper right now and i'm having a party of one with the music really loud and stuff so it's fun and cool. I'm packing my ipod down with my favorite songs while posting my blog and listening to songs on last.fm. Add me please. I'm using my new laptop and it's awesome i like this one way better then my old one. I think after i'm done posting i will watch TV because my favorite show is coming on soon. I LOVE LAST.FM. I have a website called http://www.magicalblissfulmiss.piczo.com. Well i love my brother soo much more then anything else. Music is life... No seriously i always take my iPOD everywhere even during important event things i take it and listen to it and hide it in my purse and put my hair or a hat on my head to cover the ear plugs and put a coat over the cord to it…
  • American Music Awards 2009

    24 Nov 2009, 1:39 de MarielPop

    Many stars were part of yesterday's AMA'S 2009, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and some others offered great and varied performances.
    Taylor Swift was the biggest winner from last night's, getting 5 AMA'S including Artist of the Year and Album of the Year

    Here is the list of winners from last night:

    *Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift


    Male artist: Michael Jackson

    Female artist: Taylor Swift

    Band, duo or group: Black Eyed Peas

    Album: Michael Jackson, “Number Ones”


    Male artist: Michael Jackson

    Female artist: Beyonce

    Band, duo or group: Black Eyed Peas

    Album: Michael Jackson, “Number Ones”


    Artist: Jay-Z

    Album: Jay-Z, “Blueprint 3″


    Male artist: Keith Urban

    Female artist: Taylor Swift

    Band, duo or group: Rascal Flatts

    Album: Taylor Swift, “Fearless”

    *Adult Contemporary: Taylor Swift

    *Alternative Rock: Green Day

    *Latin: Aventura