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  • Inhaler bangs [2]
  • ah, if i only could give Dementia a double heart... [<3<3]
  • ah, if i only could give Dementia a double heart...
  • That noisey documentary is the shit
  • such an underrated band...(4)
  • @GodofDeathMetal, their first album is their weakest one in my opinion, check out the rest, especially Inhaler, it really bangs.
  • If you like Tad, you should check out [url=][wreath] and their latest EP 'Embers'[/url]!
  • I listened to the first album off YouTube. Eh, not really impressed by it. Should I check out the others? I might like the others?
  • such an underrated band...(3)
  • I can't wait for Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth tomorrow. Heard its suppose to be even heavier than TAD.
  • TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears - Found Tapes
  • Amazing ♥
  • Goin' on a Sunday drive through HeeEEEeEeeEllLLll
  • best grunge ever
  • more evidence that the 90's didn't totally suck!!!!!!!!!
  • such an underrated band...(2)
  • Lumbar's debut and probably only album featuring TAD has been released. Check it out:
  • such an underrated band...
  • Wonderful news! Ex-[artist]Tad[/artist] frontman/guitarist/composer/leader [artist]Tad Doyle[/artist], [artist]Yob[/artist] vocalist/guitarist [artist]Mike Scheidt[/artist] and former [artist]Himsa[/artist] and [artist]Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth[/artist] guitarist [artist]Aaron Edge[/artist] have united in a new outfit dubbed [artist]LUMBAR[/artist]. The band will release their debut outing “The First And Last Days Of Unwelcome” in November through [label]Southern Lord[/label] records. More info at: and (And don't you forget about Tad Doyle appreciation group here, on [url][/url]!)
  • As you probably know, Tad Doyle's current band [artist]Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth[/artist] have been playing during Sub Pop's Silver Jubilee. They were joined by former TAD guitarist Gary Thorstensen, so here is videos of live performance of [url=]Boiler Room[/url], [url=]Stumblin' Man and Jinx[/url]. Also check out [url=]this video[/url] of totally badass Brothers performance. And don't you forget to join [group]Tad Doyle[/group] group here on if you like [artist]TAD[/artist], [artist]Hog Molly[/artist] or [artist]Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth[/artist].
  • [artist]Danko Jones[/artist]'s podcast with Tad Doyle:
  • good band of grunge ^^
  • I must listen to them.
  • most underrated Seattle band
  • That's what's called a gg band !
  • This is one of the best bands that ever existed. If most of the world hasn't heard of them then fuck em. Tad rules!!!
  • Best band ever
  • <-can anyone find a recording?
  • Hi! How are you! If you like Tad maybe you like my band Dumb Dish too! I have just uploaded the first studio track of Dumb Dish which is a cover of Scratch Acid's Cannibal. Please give it a listen and let us know what you think about it! Oh, and if you like it, please make sure to subscribe and to share! Namasté!
  • New stuff from Tad Doyle
  • Great Band !
  • Saw these guys live in 1993. They were one of the opening acts for AIC.
  • "Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears" was fucking great.
  • Check out my mates band "Thursdays Friend" LastFm page. Cool band from Adelaide Australia. Free downloads of Grunge/Punk. Peace!
  • Follow Mudhoney on Facebook:
  • new pics:,,,
  • Free legal download of TAD documentary "Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears" at Internet Archive: Also, join this:
  • TAD beat of rock
  • CVLT Nation have uploaded the TAD documentary "Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears" in full. Watch it. or
  • 1
  • oriyehuda, he's in a project called Brotherhood of the Sonic Cloth.
  • HEAVY ahahhahahahaha
  • He (and we're talking about [url=]Tad Doyle[/url] here, right?) continues to play music. After break-up of TAD he formed [artist]Hog Molly[/artist], which released one album and then silently demised. Then Tad Doyle formed Hoof, but that didn't go well and they disbanded without releasing any material. What he is doing now is called the [artist]Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth[/artist]. They are playing [tag]sludge[/tag]/ [tag]doom metal[/tag] stuff and are close to the end of recording their debut album. You can buy their songs on [url=]band's bandcamp[/url].
  • Someone knows what this guys doing right now?
  • We have some good stuff here people :)


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