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  • Seeds waas very underwhelming. There, i said it...
  • Seeds tho
  • 👍
  • amazing
  • Wait....they sing "Wolf Like Me'!? I have been trying to find out who sings that. And it's almost 10 years old!? Crazy.
  • Came here via Young Father page, via emusic. Where the frak have I been? These guys are fantastic.
  • seeds is crazy under the radar.
  • I can't believe how much Seeds continues to grow on me... This is no doubt my favorite TVotR album of them all. Who knew this band would become one of the best bands of the 2000's.
  • TVotR are so unique that I find it borderline funny that none of the "similar artists" that don't contain a TVotR member are remotely close to similar.
  • After an album like Return to Cookie Mountain, it'd make sense for a drop off. Dear Science offered none, if anything it was a step up. Nine Types of Light may have been lateral, or a slight drop off compared to Dear Science. Due to that I never expected Seeds to offer much. And boy, I couldn't have been more wrong. I may have grown to love this album more than Dear Science so far... It just keep growing, and I just can't stop listening.
  • alone in the dark
  • Słowo na niedziele - polecam koncerty w TV i radio: 1. Femme Fatale - koncert Justyny Steczkowskiej 2. Sprzedawcy używanego rock'n'rolla - 25 lat T. Love 3. Dawid Podsiadło z zespołem Curly Heads w Trójce Program koncertów w telewizji i radio:
  • Anyone else feel that the fact that everyone seems to have a different favorite album is a big reason why this band is special? Everyone seems to have a different reason why they like the band since the band changes with every album. It seems that with a lot of other bands there is a disagreement among only a couple albums as to which is the best.
  • I'm so pissed :( but I wish him to get better soon) [2]
  • v I'm so pissed :( but I wish him to get better soon
  • Europe tour is cancelled, check their FB page. :(
  • RtCM ☄ Seeds ♞ 9ToL ♔ DY, BB ♬ DS
  • Return to Cookie Mountain > Seeds > Nine Types Of Light > Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes > Dear Science. I seriously can't get into Dear Science. Bar DLZ I find it distinctly average.
  • Новый альбом хорош!
  • new album amazing!!!!
  • album sounds really good.
  • gefällt mir
  • interesting band!
  • TIL these guys are still around.
  • Seeds isn't a bad album, but it also isn't in TV on the Radio's level of quality.
  • Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes > Return to Cookie Mountain = Dear Science > Nine Types of Light > Seeds. The drop in quality is most pronounced between NTOL and Seeds. Seeds is the logical evolution of the poppy and more traditional rock direction NTOL went down, but NTOL is still solid from top to bottom; it had some heft to throw around, and the jazzy horn flourishes that are (were?) a TVOTR staple see limited but effective use. Cue Seeds...a blah, nondescript release that feels toothless. I hate to make it seem like TVOTR shouldn't try new things musically, but eschewing your signature style for a bland, Coldplay-like sound (or any other similarly watered-down alt-rock groups) seems like a step backwards to me. I just hope this is a transitional record for them and that what I loved about this group didn't fade away with poor Gerard Smith. I guess I'll wait another three years and hope they come back with more gusto.
  • Dear Science --> Return To Cookie Mountain --> Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes --> Seeds --> Nine Types of Light
  • Dear Science --> Seeds --> Return To Cookie Mountain --> Nine Types of Light --> Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
  • Does anyone agree with this guy? I'm still mixed about how I feel on Seeds.
  • seeds lacks horns, has some strange melodies, but damn, as soon as quartz kicks in, you know this is TV on the radio
  • Seeds have been growing a lot on me. After the first two singles I was sure that I would dislike the album but in the context of the album I've even started to like Happy Idiot! I don't like Seeds as much as Dear Science but it is a really fun listen with great songwriting.
  • new album is amazing!!!!
  • New album would have been more jarring if it had come right after Cookie Mountain, but they've been building towards this for the last three albums. Wolf Like Me --> Dancing Choose --> No Future Shock --> Happy Idiot
  • I like the new album. Not as good as their best, but it's very solid. Either way, the title track is just as good as anything they've ever done. Wow.
  • I was disappointed after the first listen but now I'm totally in love with this album. Songs like "Ride" and "Trouble" could be removed from the album to make it better though. It's not typical T.V. on the Radio, but when have they ever been typical?
  • Happy Idiotιlι.ιl..ιllιlι.ιl..ιllιlι.ιl.
  • Hi Guys can I please have your view on my song thank you
  • New album is decent.
  • I wanted to love the new album SO MUCH...but I'm very disappointed. There a few good-to-great songs on Seeds. Overall, though, it's an extremely generic indie rock LP. It just doesn't sound like TVOTR to me.
  • Really Good.
  • !
  • " the only good thing about new album is it's cover. " Everyone is entitled to their opinions but there's no way you're serious with this statement. Ha ha. You can't find a single good thing about the album outside of the artwork? I Just find that extremely hard to believe. Seeds is still on heavy rotation for me. This is one of the catchiest albums I've ever heard and that's definitely not a bad thing because TVOTR does pop music so well.
  • Yes yes, the new album is tight! I'm sure they found it tough going back to record this new album without the presence of Gerard Smith for the first time too.
  • Test Pilot and Right Now 10/10
  • Test Pilot really stands out for me. Such a great tune.
  • Interesting TV On The Radio review:…/18/tv-on-the-radio-what-the-hell/
  • I'm under the impression that these guys can do no wrong.
  • I'm a newcomer to this band and I find Seeds quite enjoyable.


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