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  • Avatar de paintweather
    anybody missing superdrag should listen to The Lees of Memory! Sisyphus Says is an excellent album. sounds like superdrag songs played on a lower speed than normal
  • Avatar de theJASONagency
    do your self a favor and check out 2/4 of superdrag's new band, "The Lees Of Memory." Insanely good shoegaze that is really not too far removed from the superdrag stuff
  • Avatar de nandosiol
    What an amazing band ,Head Trip In Every Key is a truly masterpiece
  • Avatar de fredpaul
    where is way down here without you....
  • Avatar de diamond_tough
    Oh man years ago my CD player in my car wouldn't eject but luckily regretfully yours was stuck in it. Great album I'd say my fave but then again given the above circumstance I may be biased.
  • Avatar de FuzzyxPickles
    6/8 <3
  • Avatar de Juziu
    Just discovered this band, specifically their album regretfully yours. sooo good!
  • Avatar de kl3rk37
    What If You Don't Fly is one of the best songs I have ever heard :) still listening to it 15 years later.
  • Avatar de Metalheadxdrumr
    Head Trip In Every Key is pretty flawless.
  • Avatar de KattoLives
    Crazy born again crap aside, these guys are awesome.
  • Avatar de foi
    super Superdrag
  • Avatar de ckhassette
    (-_-)\m/ takes me back to 1996-1998
  • Avatar de Nessyliz
    I had no idea this band was so under appreciated; all of my friends love them! That sucks, they're awesome. Yep, Head Trip in Every Key is also my fav.
  • Avatar de crimsonsamura1
    @MusicQuizKing75 While I have enjoyed pretty much all of their albums, I have to agree with you. 'Head Trip In Every Key' is by far their best compilation put forth, there were so many outstanding songs and literally no disappointments.
  • Avatar de CancerMan
    Pine Away...Hellloooo middle school!
  • Avatar de Markchapman
    Que buen Rock!
  • Avatar de MusicQuizKing75
    'head trip in every key' for the win.
  • Avatar de lionforce
    will probably always be my favorite rock band of all time :)
  • Avatar de squidpants
    great, underappreciated band!
  • Avatar de felipecoquito
    Amazing band with amazing songs! Sheer warmth.
  • Avatar de oceanbutnone
  • Avatar de Siouxlex
    Great session at 4 songs available for free download
  • Avatar de PThomasAnderson
    Buen trabajo shurmanos.
  • Avatar de vintagecontemp
    Hallo John ;) I sent 2 t-shirts for you and Creamer Hope you enjoy Thanx T
  • Avatar de magicalspring
    "Regretfully Yours" and "In the Valley of Dying Stars" are two amazing power pop albums! The new album is great too. I keep this band close to me!
  • Avatar de mephisto_dark
    Check out Superdrag on this week's New Music Podcast from Music Emissions:
  • Avatar de gerard_d
    excellent new album :D great sound and punk energy, Superdrag rock
  • Avatar de HatchetAxeNSaw
    good pop.....
  • Avatar de gerard_d
    You can buy the album off their website like I did They have 4-track rock and 'bender sessions' 40 tracks for 15 bucks been looking for this one for a year... freakin' awesome :D
  • Avatar de constructionist
    INDUSTRY GIANTS out now, full tracks are up! Tell everybody you know.
  • Avatar de kevincoyne
    I like the split they did with the Anniversary
  • Avatar de DreadfulHero
    Heard Everything'll Be Made Right, Slow to Anger, and Filthy and Afraid of the new songs. EBMR is heads above the other two, but I'm really looking forward to hearing the whole thing.
  • Avatar de el_inquilino
    great band
  • Avatar de satingum
    If you dig the 'Regretfully Yours' era stuff, check out
  • Avatar de TheAlexH
    Filthy and Afraid is ace. I'm looking forward to the album. :D
  • Avatar de n0umena
    i only have heard 2 7"s
  • Avatar de constructionist
    Filthy & Afraid now available for download:
  • Avatar de trenchcoat40
    Also, The Bender Sessions is fucking awesome. Everyone should go to a show just to pick up the record.
  • Avatar de trenchcoat40
    One of my favorite bands for the last 7 years. CANNOT WAIT for the new record.
  • Avatar de constructionist
    Both of them sound like winners to me.
  • Avatar de DrownWithMe
    New song and a bit on YouTube [url=]here[/url] and [url=]here[/url]. Sounding great I think. Very excited for the new album!
  • Avatar de mephisto_dark
    My life hasn't been the same without Superdrag. Life has meaning once again. Thanks Superdrag!
  • Avatar de SirLiamVO
    I WANT the outtakes of Head Trip In Every Key.
  • Avatar de constructionist
    Aww, this sucks, still no previews (other than Alibi) even with the new system. Step yo game up,!
  • Avatar de Nthn_sms
    they did a good job covering mbv's when you sleep.
  • Avatar de DrownWithMe
    Fantastic news :-)
  • Avatar de constructionist
    It's official: there will be a new album from the original 'drag.
  • Avatar de TheAlexH
    NEW demo tunage on their Myspace!
  • Avatar de rontownsend
    my favorite band.
  • Avatar de constructionist
    It's criminal that there's only one Superdrag song on radio, and it's not even the album version (though the Alibi demo is worth a listen). Can't wait to see them in Chicago.


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