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  • Avatar de Keola_the_Orca
    Got me into Sufjan. God bless this song.
  • Avatar de Moldez9s8
  • Avatar de aanaclaara
  • Avatar de tolvuvit
    "We were afraid to be left behind. We were afraid to be loved. We were afraid this would come to an end, as all things do. We sat on the couch and cried and cried and cried." :´(
  • Avatar de philliebird
    i could not have chosen a better artist to write about my hometown. lovely every time.
  • Avatar de captainyodel
  • Avatar de willmfair
    One of the best Sufjan beautiful, quiet, nostalgic...
  • Avatar de oceanseacrest
    This is song is so mellow and beautiful. At the same time, it's kind of haunting. Whenever I hear it, I have to stop in my tracks and listen intently. It's like the song demands my attention.
  • Avatar de AnaAerophina
    This song is the idealistic version of Holland that I want to remember after I move out.
  • Avatar de malfidus
    Beautiful song. It pretty much sums up how I'm feeling at the moment.
  • Avatar de emmakid
    this song breaks my heart.
  • Avatar de 3rdparty
    Cover by the Brad Mehldau (Jazz) Trio:
  • Avatar de D-blabla
    I love this song so mutch.
  • Avatar de thunderthoom
    He went to Hope College, Holland, Michigan.
  • Avatar de Seth_Edward
    I've been to Holland, Michigan. It was nothing like the song :_:
  • Avatar de icelandier
    sleeeeepy. the musical equivalent of dusk
  • Avatar de DGON71
    Brings back a memory for me.
  • Avatar de Marshmellowed
    This has to be one of my favourite Sufjan songs <3
  • Avatar de jeffaceves
    brings back good memories.
  • Avatar de OrionCH
    love it love it love it
  • Avatar de Smelliot_
    brad mehldau's cover of holland: www [dot] mediafire [dot] com/?zno34z1wu5g
  • Avatar de Llew_Silverhand
    @appelmet1been: There is a difference between the country Holland and the city Holland in Michigan.:D Great song, by the way.
  • Avatar de appelmet1been
    i'm from holland too. it doesn't suck.
  • Avatar de oseland
    i'm from holland. it sucks.
  • Avatar de Lijzer
    it's about the town Holland in Michigan ;) or not even that really.
  • Avatar de CLSMOOTH21
    haha theres a song about Holland? Thats kindof weird..I'm from Holland and I do know one thing If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much!
  • Avatar de Confessions87
    This is such a beautiful, tranquil song. It's interesting it reminds people of summer; for me, it's freezing cold frost and fog.
  • Avatar de teahouses
    this song oozes summer. the soft whispering, the sweet harmonies...lose our heads to lose our the summer heat i might
  • Avatar de DarshanPatel
    Fall in love and fall apart.
  • Avatar de Ruttyx
    Holland, Michigan ;). He antended college over there.
  • Avatar de schluckauf
    things will end before they start... <3
  • Avatar de appelmet1been
    i live in holland.. beautiful song!
  • Avatar de Nahteb
    such a beautiful song
  • Avatar de snader

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