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  • Jimmy Fallon. [3]
  • Heiio all you rockers out there and stay bless
  • Many birthday wishes to Chuck today!
  • grim reaper's favorite band
  • Heavy Metal Poisoning!!!
  • jeffster!! :P
  • Jimmy Fallon. [2]
  • Lady and Lorelei.
  • Тебе до сих пор недостаточно внимания? Формулу составления комментариев и толстоту за километр видно.
  • просто запредельное убожество, хотя несколько вещей с первых альбомов не так уж и плохи
  • Jimmy Fallon.
  • Spank! :-)
  • Canadian fans, don't miss SAGA & STYX this sunday!!!!
  • Awesome new rock-doc coming out soon from acclaimed award-winning filmmaker Paul Devlin! Featuring numerous shout-outs to Styx, and appearances by Glen Burtnik of Styx! Come check out what it's all about! Support the promotion of Styx! (The Front Man)
  • Kilroy Was Here is simply great, can't stop listening to it.
  • Mr. Roboto ♥
  • Spotify playlist: [url=]Rock University: 60 years of Rock Music[/url]
  • Awesome show tonight boys! Come back to Pitts soon.
  • Spotify playlist: [url=]Classic Rock[/url]
  • Movement for the Common Man is awesome, one of the reasons why I love their debut album.
  • "Is it any wonder I'm not crazy? Is it any wonder I'm sane at all?"
  • I just pulled up my bootstrapes and they said "Come sail away with me" I am on it.! I loving sailing! If you have never done it, I would like you to do that! The Ocean is such peace! Scuba Dive, Sail! The Best! :-) I am just saying! It takes you off this planet just for a little while and life is GREAT! Peace and Happy to All!
  • Awsome tune! Free! I will try to carry on. Even though the U.S.A. is no longer FREE! Sad! Sad! Sad! I will do my best I can to Carry On! Politicians have taken all away from me and you! Really what the F.... This is why I never chose to have child or children. I knew at 24 yrs old this County was just going down hill! Hey, Glass half full, Still Love music and Family,
  • domo arigato mr roboto!! [4]
  • Who else thinks that "Domo Origato Mr Roboto" is the worst rhyme ever? [2]
  • domo arigato mr roboto!! [3]
  • domo arigato mr roboto!! [2]
  • Father O.S.A off their 2nd album is really an underrated song.
  • boat on the river
  • Come Sail Away o/
  • domo arigato mr roboto!!
  • Less than 100 million plays? How depressing!
  • Paradise Theater
  • LOVE★⌒ヾ(^-'*) Mr.Roboto
  • Who else thinks that "Domo Origato Mr Roboto" is the worst rhyme ever?
  • LOVe Styx hav erocked many a night to Denis and the gang! Rock ON! Rock ON!!!! Thanks!
  • Mr Roboto!
  • Domo Origato Mr Roboto =)
  • Boo Mr. Roboto being second on here!!!
  • Renegade
  • vote to correct to "Lady"
  • Boat On The River!
  • classic
  • i just cant stop smiling while listening to mr roboto [2]
  • Styx, I wuv you...... I wuv you i wuv you i wuv you!
  • LORELEI!!!
  • Miss America


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