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  • The reissues sound like garb. Those albums didn't need fixing.
  • The drums on "Westcoasttrendkill" are impossible. WTF Jordan? T.A.D. is def. one of their best releases. I even see it slightly above Exile...
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Strung Out
  • New album rocks so fucking hard! Holy shit!
  • So good. Can't get Rats in the Walls out of my head. [2]
  • Last album is kickass
  • New album is definitely best since Exile in Oblivion, maybe even Twisted by Design. Great stuff.
  • cool
  • I listened to the album for sure but I don't remember a single song... Not bad, but REALLY unremarkable.
  • This album has brought again the pleasure to listen music!
  • So good. Can't get Rats in the Walls out of my head.
  • Into this album more than the last 4 so far. I'll always support them but nothing has topped Twisted By Design for me.
  • New album sounds awesome so far, reminding me a lot of Exile in Oblivion. It's crazy how consistent these guys are, even if they have an album or two i wasn't amazed by, they've always made something that i can replay a few times and take a number of great tracks from.
  • New album is rippin'.
  • new album is fucking killer... unreal how these guys just keep pumping out all of these good tracks over and over.
  • Новый альбом чертовски крут!
  • punk shit
  • Waitin' for the new stuff
  • Guess who had one of the most played songs on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show?" Check out the full playlist at!
  • i keep trying and failing to get into albums by this band that aren't STWB :/
  • Such a great band!
  • Greetings from Ukraine)
  • I really love how the remix was done for Another Day In Paradise. However, I don't like the remixes of Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues or Twisted By Design (two albums I thought sounded great originally and didn't need any changes, especially the latter). A lot of the treble is rolled off, way too much mid is pushed up in the guitars, and the kick drum sounds dull. Those 3 classics are better in their classic form. However, I do hope that the Matt Hyde mixed albums desperately get a remix eventually.
  • ak ska
  • OK, what other their songs are like Never Speak Again of The Misanthropic Principle? Only two I love so far. PM if you have any suggestions :).
  • They never get old. Well, actually they do, but they're like good wine... they get even better.
  • I just heard the best song in the entire history of punk rock for the very first time. It's called Never Speak Again. Holy Christ.
  • качает
  • чувак, это панк
  • Soulmate ♥ A great tribute to Tony Sly.
  • definitely my fave punk band
  • city light is amazing
  • Strung Out, Bandage, Day Oof - Live Report -
  • coming to vienna for exactly my birthday ^_^ nice
  • Soon to be seen in Greece! :)
  • city lights es el meo tema
  • They fucking suck
  • Awesome!
  • Canadian melodic skate punk since 1992 Everyone the time has come to invade the digital world . Slush is proud to announce our new compilation album entitled 50 PLUS with of all of our songs from the last 6 albums ( including our newest s/t album ) is available on 1 download . You can purchase it a few ways 1. from itunes for $11.99 that's .23 cents a song ( What a deal ) or download each song individually for .99 cents each Please spread the word of the new compilation album . 50 PLUS with all your favourite slush songs on 1 download for $11.99 . Including full albums for 1997 - " lifes pretty easy when your fat and greasy " , 1999 - " Call the Neighbours the Boyz Got Jobs " , 2002 - Global Incineration " , 2005 - " Buried Inside " , 2008 - " That's What She Said " , 2012 - " S/T " spread the word and the link
  • 5.896.733 scrobbles and you call it underrated?
  • One of the most underrated bands ever. They fucking rule!
  • Strung is legendary. Each member is extremely talented. They shred. Playing the soundtrack to my life!!
  • Anchors & Hearts - Where Is Your Retreat?
  • this is so bad.
  • [url=]Occupy Wall Street[/url] - Down with the governments, up with the mohawks!
  • Poland ♥ U Guys!
  • Canadian melodic punk rock since 1992 , new album out visit . Tons of free downloads videos
  • twisted and element are the best,
  • orchid!


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