• random lyrics game

    27 Feb 2008, 4:03 de therabidwombat

    10 songs, guess what they're called, artists that the songs are by are at the bottom, not in order however

    1) Don't like to the woman in your bed
    Shake hands with the killer in your head

    2) Oh, and darling, now that we two are together
    Don't dream this could go on forever
    Like Lovers do

    3) I got myself a brand new toob amplifier
    It's large and lovely to behold
    la la la la la

    4) Redneck dressed in drag
    stuffed in lockers called a fag

    5) I've done all the others till they've all been done in
    Now I'm just looking then I'm gone with the wind

    6) Wake up your majesty, there are thieves in the temple

    7) Now i got a feeling, a plan, some music to sing
    And i'm looking for the right words to convey the message we bring

    8) I pushed her away
    I walked to the door
    I fell to the floor
    I got down on my knees
    I looked at her, and she at me
    The Kinks - Lola

    9) It's not a game, it's just a rout
    there's desperation, there's desperation in the air
  • Movers and Shakers 1

    24 Sep 2007, 6:57 de therabidwombat

    This week is the first of my planned 'Movers and Shakers' journal. The concept is simple...I follow the changes in my charts and comment on the artists that move up, fall off the charts, etc.

    Pink Floyd moved up one spot, knocking down Tom Cochrane to #5.

    The Doors moved up from position #10 to position 6.

    The Who moved up from position #15 to position #8.

    Supertramp moved up from position #32 to position #19.

    Ramones entered the top 50, at position 24.

    Billy Joel moved up a couple positions, but because other artists above it also moved up, it remained in position 35.

    Neil Young raised from position 44 to position 43.

    Mayfield entered the charts at position #47.

    Because of the two new bands, Rush and Stripper's Union have fallen off of my top 50.
  • Favorite Bands

    11 Sep 2007, 5:55 de therabidwombat

    The following is a list of my favorite artists, as well as, for no reason whatsoever other than comparitive purposes, how many songs I own by each of them.

    Like bands have been grouped together (aka: bands that I like because of specific members). The 'original band' that 'caused me to like these groups is listed first in these cases.

    In alphabetical order.

    54-40 - 139 tracks, 9.3 hours of music.
    Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts - 71 tracks, 5.2 hours of music.
    Bob Geldof - 71 tracks, 5.1 hours of music.
    The Boomtown Rats - 79 tracks, 5 hours of music
    Kim Mitchell/Max Webster - 105 tracks, 7.6 hours of music
    Luca Turilli - 32 tracks, 2.5 hours of music
    Midnight Oil - 66 tracks, 4.7 hours of music
    Odds/Stripper's Union/Northey Valenzuela/Craig Northey - 78 tracks, 4.8 hours of music
    The Payola$/Rock And Hyde/Paul Hyde/Rockhead - 98 tracks, 6.6 hours of music
    Pink Floyd - 136 tracks, 11.7 hours of music (some copies; I own both Echoes and Pulse as well as about 8 studio albums)