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  • Only Scott, only Weiland! Can't percept STP without Weiland, just can't. New vocals sounds such flat and without balls, without personal energy. I don't get it. Hope they will find a compromise with Scott. Listened Mighty Joe Young Demos and one more time realized how brilliant was Scott with his unique manner of singing and prescence.
  • enough with that chester crap, they want to create new music and they have the right to do that. no one forced you guys to listen.
  • Wow, how low these guys are going? Playing with some nu metal shit vocalist... I really miss Scott.
  • I'm glad they are trying, but STP isn't really STP without Scott. Wish he'd just get his shit sorted out.
  • Love it
  • Shangri-la dee da is their best in my opinion, followed close by purple. I don't understand why people doesn't seem to like it that much.
  • Hi there guys, if you like this band, you will enjoy this band too...totally Please give a try...and tell me what you think
  • so i never liked tats and he looked like stevie nicks with a fuckin' wiskers that was the last tour and the last writin' i did for them he was usin' a fuckin' shoal 'cause he knew his inkwork was gonna piss me the fuck off and instead of payin' the road-crew he got tats . . . so i put absorbine jr. on the inkwork and put him on stage in the heat . . . i told him your a useless piece of feces last tour dick . . . i write play and sing better than you . . .you was to be a capable front man in my absence . . . it appears strange things happen when you go absent
  • Never pull the picture of STP with Scott, all Chester does is try to emulate his voice. While doing an okay job, just make sure that you keep the true STP in place.
  • C Bennington in STP is cool.
  • Watching now the STP's Unplugged on MTV again... Geez, what a band!
  • >>
  • thank you Last.FM for keeping Scott Weiland in the profile photo. since that is the TRUE STP. chester the molester does not belong in the band.
  • от и до, от и до
  • Revisiting STP because of Bojack Horseman.
  • No. 4 is a very overlooked record, tons of my favorite STP tunes are off that record
  • Purple Core
  • Core is simply flawless.
  • Chester... fuck that noise.
  • Bennington is cool!))
  • Chester??!!
  • fuck u, echeagaray .l.
  • fuck u chester .|.
  • After sampling 3 tracks, I have to agree...Chester's vocals are actually pretty fantastic in STP, but the instrumentals themselves seem to be a lot less interesting than they used to be back in the Purple/No. 4 days...
  • Bennington makes it sound plain and boring.
  • STP = Linkin Park side project now!
  • I love Scott, but he needs to get his shit together. Chester is doing an awesome job with STP. If you're defending Scoot and saying STP is dead, you don't know anything about the band. DeLeo brothers almost wrote every song of STP, Scott was the frontman. He used drugs, killed his voice and almost himself.
  • OH SHIT you're right. I am an ignoramus.
  • dat90skidd, how could you not understand - Scott had similar hair as the Pearl Jam vocalist for a short while therefore STP were copying Pearl Jam.
  • I never understood the Pearl Jam comparisons. STP is better anyway.
  • Au contraire, Weiland is apparently very replaceable. Chester is surprisingly not as annoying with STP as he is with Linkin Park. They've basically gone the same way as Alice in Chains: they sound virtually the same as they ever did, barring the replacement singer.
  • Lovin IT SoTP
  • When I heard that Chester was in this band, I was pretty surprised, but he really fits in this band well. It's cool how he can do multiple kinds of music and work with it.
  • Purple has always been my favorite "road trip to Vegas" album. Fits perfectly with the scenic drive and once you arrive in Vegas, play "Kitchenware and Candybars". It will forever be burned into your memory.
  • R.I.P STP [5]
  • R.I.P STP [4]
  • la raja, tremendo grupo
  • stone temple generics
  • Big Empty yo
  • Core is a superawesomelegendary album!
  • R.I.P. STP [3]
  • stop bitching, the new songs are good [2]
  • Bennington's attempts to sing with Wieland's fierce, sound very flat and teenage. But DeLeo stay strong as a riff/song-makers. New material sounds like a "just another alternative band".
  • R.I.P STP [2] We all knew it was coming sooner or later.
  • Stone Templearl Jam?
  • stop bitching, the new songs are good
  • As a fan of STP and Linkin Park, both bands would be better off without this happening.
  • LOOOOOOOL I can't believe that people are comparing Chester to Willian DuVall and saying chester is better... I hope they're saying that only because Chester is a world famous singer, because I went to a festival where AiC played and it was freaking killer... Willian kicks ass. Furthermore, Layne is dead, he wasn't kicked out of his own band.
  • They're like Pearl Jam, but with a different name. Great band!
  • Chester? What's a joke. R.I.P Stone Temple Pilots


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