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  • slipknot is better in a way
  • Don't think so, Taylor and Root are currently touring with Slipknot
  • Does anybody know if there's a new album planned? D:
  • Personal opinions are allowed I guess... They are both good in their own ways, it depends which way you are inclined. Corey is an amazing person: as a vocalist, lyricist, musician and writer. Anyone here buy RockSound magazine? You must read his Corey's Column...
  • Much better than Slipknot...
  • Corey Taylor is the best front man/lyracist ever!!! While I feel that there is a bit of Stone Sour present in the new Slipknot album, their still worlds apart, but I love em both!!!
  • I like this group..
  • Nooo, I've had Zzyzx Rd. spelt wrong all this time! Being the good last.fmer that I am, I will delete these plays from my library! Checking out the overall charts, the incorrect spelling is leading the correct spelling. If combined, they'd be top 10.
  • awesome hat ;d
  • n1 band
  • First album is much better than Come what ever(may). I think that Through a glass is the worst song from Stone Sour. The best songs are 30/30150, Blotter and Get inside.
  • new slipknot album sounds too much like stone sour. not that stone sour are bad, its just they arent the same band
  • live much better than on cd
  • they say everything i want listen. <3
  • Excellent
  • Corey has a fucking sexy voice!!! Love Zzyzx Rd.
  • X-mon got trolled succesfully
  • lmao
  • all hope is gone is the new Slipknot Album
  • Keep up the good music! Congratz for the hard work!
  • I think you would like these Band [url=]The Nothing Remains[/url]. So listen to them. Cheers TNR
  • yeah... it's pretty good
  • corey taylor's voice is incredible
  • I second that comment below me. Cardiff <3
  • Cardiff <3
  • Gran canción!!!!
  • interesante...
  • Thats not "nu metal", its not even "real metal" to me, its just wonderful (hard) rock music : )
  • stone sour muito loco.
  • I love Stone Sour, especially Through glass, this song is really great!!
  • check for free song downloads!
  • <3 Stone Sour! :D
  • супееер!
  • You like genre hopping? Weird combinations of styles? Check out [artist]Jaked off shorts and loaded heads[/artist] and download the new Album [album artist=Jaked off shorts and loaded heads]Feeding the Future[/album] for free on or right here:
  • i love you.:)
  • If you hate the new's version. JOIN!
  • i love this band. not too metal-ish but not too pop-ish either. great band :)
  • Stone Sour - the BEST!!!
  • this is not metal ¬¬ this is nu-metal
  • I love stone sour!
  • i like this band very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Boooooooo
  • The nu-metal tag does not describe anything, i don't know why people keep on using it, Stone Sour is closer to hard rock or grunge, listen to Bother, Take a number or Monolith and tell me it's like Limb Bizkit or Linkin Park... people should stop using that weird term
  • Monolith is great.
  • the related artists suck...those are only the R.A.'s because of slipknot's association with the band
  • Tar Poo is my favorite =D <3 Stone Sour.
  • Oh nvm, Good Charts Dawfie
  • "Slipknot > stone sour...eventhough i like both bands. if you think slipknot is too heavy then yer probably a poon." AW MIE GAWD THEY R TOO HEAVY1111!!!!111oneoneone
  • I lol everytime I read the nu metal tag here.


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