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  • and I did live at a Holiday Inn. ELevators plays melodies
  • BTW, I saw this orchestra live in the 90's. I was
  • MONO total. LOL!!!!!
  • <3 No Controles <3
  • очень неплохая группа, вполне в моем вкусе эклектичных коллективов 90-х, которые и были самым интересным тогда во всей поп-музыке
  • Je souhaite qu'ils pourraient venir au Brésil.
  • Je pique c'est un tic, j'adore ça, ça m'excite. J'ai le coeur qui palpite, bang-bang, tic-tic.
  • definitely best concert @ this year's DDF !!!
  • fun guys :D
  • one of the rare cool band singing in french and motivating me to learn german :D
  • Mothers Little Helper!
  • New album is really good!!!
  • New album "cactus versus brezel" ... PURE GENIUS!
  • I love you, Ono!~ ❤ Hehe, fun song to sing along with a friend to ^ _ ^
  • hey Polska - C'est La Mort z Sali Samobójców :D
  • Господи, какой ужас. Редко хэйтерю, но хуже этого я давно ничего не слышал
  • superrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ein wildes Magazin und sein Crew suchen hier Freunde! :-)
  • Hoy los veo en la FIL (Guadalajara, México) :D
  • awesome (2)
  • awesome :D
  • L'amour à trois => stimulating song the say the least
  • .
  • perfect song in Sucide Room! Thanks!
  • 点视频进入高清 [url=][img][/img][/url] 点视频进入高清 [url=][img][/img][/url] 点视频进入高清 [url=][img][/img][/url]
  • "FRENCH MUSIC IS FOR GAY" what an arse, really.
  • thank you SUICIDE ROOM
  • :::STEREO TOTAL + Jolaurlo L I V E giovedì 24 marzo @ TPO Bologna:::
  • I just discovered this band.. Thanks to "Suicide room" movie <3
  • CInémania !
  • Mehr Licht!
  • taerg!
  • in Ljubljana war es geil!
  • that we gave a good show in Mexico and stay with me wanting more
  • Mexico's show was off the hook! thank you for beig do awesome! :D
  • Btw, the new album is great.
  • "I will call him Lucifer, I and I'll teach him how to criticize, I will teach him how to live off prostitution. I will teach him how to kill OH YEAH, I wanna be a mama."
  • saw them last night...they freekin' rocked! go see them!!!
  • wir tanzen konzentriert !
  • Please visit Latvia, Riga! I will get all the fans/funs/furs You need! : D
  • <3 so many memories
  • no los havia escuchado nunca pero sus interpretaciones son originales y desenfadas.
  • son geniales, me encantaaa
  • <3 <3 <3 "cosmonaute"
  • Danke!
  • sonntag, fm4 bühne 19.20 -20.20 uhr
  • Weiß jemand an welchem tag sie am Donauinselfest auftreten werden?
  • Goood, I can't wait 18 August :D


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