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Black Like Me (3:02)


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  • I spent the night in the map room / I humanized the vacuum.
  • pm me
  • Britt
  • love you Britt
  • I have no way to reach you My Miss... way
  • Love this track.
  • This is a great song. If only I knew what it meant...
  • awesome...
  • <3
  • can't get enough of this song!
  • Such a great song.
  • This album really blossoms at the end.
  • Lovely.
  • Love.
  • They opened their setlist with this track the first time I saw them live. Made me really start to dig it in a new way. Top shelf song.
  • If I weren't married, I would be married to this song.
  • All the weird kids up front (yeah) tell me what you know you want (oh yeah) Someone to take care of tonight
  • Aww yeah eah eah
  • i love spoon
  • Someone to take care of tonight
  • : )
  • haha nice djbart! Yeah Spoon's lyrics sometimes don't make sense to me either. But you can't deny the greatness of this song, it's impossible.
  • i humanize the vacuum... ok. lol, great song.
  • Spoontastic!
  • The piano makes this song.
  • this song is three minutes wide but eight miles deep
  • Wanna Spoon!
  • Yeah, aw Yeah!
  • Excellent and chilling closer to an outstanding album.
  • Oh wow this is my favourite Spoon song in my short but enjoyable addiction to these wonderful musical beings! Ahh that change that's brought about around 1:30 in to start that monumental Beatles like tone and feel is amazing, I absolutely adore this. Oh and everytime, and I mean EVERY TIME this song ends, my heart sinks a bit and I feel a touch of sadness for the abrupt end to this amazing piece. As 'The_Cutter' described it, "It's heartbreaking how it just ...stops."
  • It's heartbreaking how it just ...stops.
  • Best Ga song (x2)
  • Cool song. First time I've heard it, but I like.
  • i loves this songggg.
  • Best Ga song
  • I have a cat named spoon.
  • i just realized how awesome this song is. if there wasn't 'finer feelings', this might be the best on the album.
  • i don't know if i'm just really slow, but i just found out that Dorian's is a boot repair in Portland and realized that what i've been hearing as "street tar in summer can do a job on your soul" could also cleverly be "street tar in summer can do a job on your sole." now i love Spoon that much more lol
  • i feel like this was on a commercial, anybody know what it was? great song though, i love the whole album :)
  • this whole Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga flows so well
  • i feel that this has pretty much become my theme song recently. it's the perfect closer for Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga and reminds me of closing time at like a bar or someplace
  • I humanized a vacuum
  • sooooooo good.
  • this is SUCH A GOOD SONG
  • perfect song and best choice for closer... very powerful
  • got more soul than a sock with a hole in it
  • amen!
  • aw yeah!
  • take caaaaaaaaaare of me TONIGHT!


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