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  • they done broke up :(
  • Please tell me someone saved the original Denver 666 video clip with the werewolf doing air guitar and riding a car on the road, it's the best thing i've seen in my whole life.
  • Oh yes I listened to them while driving. Bliss while driving.
  • I'm sure they're a great band to listen to while driving.
  • Sick as fuck!
  • Speedwolf is fuckin' spectacular!
  • Check out this group for exploring and sharing superb Old School Metal!
  • Wow, speed really is a hell of a drug :D Awesome band! Raw fuckin' energy!
  • Similar band to Speedwolf, Iron Regan just released "The Tyranny of Will"! Watch their newest lyric video for "Eyeball Gore" here!
  • Too addictive.
  • I can´t wait to see this mother fuckers on stage here in Mexico City. Keep rocking & Ride with Death. I can´t wait the Time to Annihilate.
  • Motorhead as fuck.
  • Great band.
  • cool.
  • Roooaaarrr!
  • Less black than Midnight, but nonetheless, very similar.
  • good shit
  • Less Venom'y Midnight!
  • Denver 666 !
  • The album is fucking incredible \m/
  • awesome band!
  • They killed it in St. Louis last month. Great performers.
  • their drummer is a "speedwolf" that's for sure :P
  • flawless
  • cant fucking wait for mdf, i can barely keep my britches on
  • great
  • This is the mutton-choppiest music in my entire library.
  • really nice!
  • fuckin nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Röarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • what's up with the weird tracks displayed on this page
  • Speedwolf fucking rules.
  • Would love you all to play philly again!
  • /waits for band to get a million listeners within the next year
  • pretty intense shit
  • Wow!fucking amazing band!
  • It's like Inepsy on speed.
  • Good performance in Albuquerque tonight!
  • This is way too good!!
  • They're at the Blast-O-Mat this Thursday.
  • Damn! Over 1,000 listeners. This band isn't kvlt anymore. :(
  • awesome
  • Ride With Death ..fucking nice album can´t stop listening to it !! of the best of 2011
  • One of my favorite albums of 2011. It just destroys.
  • Hell and Back
  • Fuck yeah! This is like Motörhead on crack!
  • \m/


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