• Lyrics Game

    20 Abr 2007, 4:18 de saintartaud

    Dorkily interactive. I stole this from edna_million.

    Here are the "rules":

    - put your itunes/winamp/media player of your choice on random.
    - post the first line from the first 30 songs that play
    - post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    - strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    - don't cheat by typing them into google...haha.

    1. Your back's against the wall. There's no one home to call.

    2. Did you sweep us far from your feet? Reset in stone this stark belief?

    3. Blame is the cure, cure anything.

    4. Morning seems strange, almost out of place. Searched hard for you and your special ways.

    5. The windows of the world are covered with rain. Where is the sunshine we once knew?
    Windows of the World

    6. Pay no heed to the fool in the field so far and gray with spies like serpents underfoot and rodents.

    7. Life is a waterfall. We're one in the river, and one again after the fall.