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  • perfect...thx....
  • fuck all y'all
  • love
  • omg. lol. i just heard the "hello?" and "fuck all y'all" lol! i love it!
  • LOVE this! i can see my friends ..oddly enough from maryland sitting around in the cecil county woods playing this. :) ♥♥
  • Loopy and hypnotic, love it.
  • My introduction to Callahan, wonderful track.
  • I have something I'd yell into a well... but that's between me and the well
  • I cannot work
  • I can't even start to say how much I admire him for writing lyrics like these and perfectly shaping them into a beautiful 7-minute song like this
  • I guess everyone has their own thing, that they yell into a well.
  • Just listen, you'll like it....
  • I'm pretty sure Bill Callahan wrote this song. also the part where he says So I gave it my red rage my yellow streak the greenest parts of me, and my blues is so great. i mean just how the music gets excited for a moment
  • what can you tell from a 30 second preview,didnt know it was lou reed cover until you said though,thanks Bopvito.
  • Love the William S. Burroughs quote, what a brilliant man. I've read some of his work, so profound. This song was great, thanks Bopvito!
  • Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact. - William S. Burroughs
  • I love this song.
  • These lyrics are sooooo fucking awesome
  • Fuck all y'allll
  • This song is fabulous.
  • I remember you played this, Scott, that night I stayed at Iota til the end of your shift...
  • good
  • It's good to be inspired by Lou Reed.
  • Kopfnicker
  • very good
  • he´s god! we´ll he looks like him
  • now, this is a song.
  • fuck all yall
  • bark into a well
  • amerikan türküleri
  • iğrenç bune kovboymuyum ben.
  • Herro?
  • genial
  • Sail on, Callahan!
  • yummy.
  • I guess everyone has their own thing that they yell into a well.
  • <3
  • hoo! fuck all ya'll!
  • What a great track !!! HOT DAM
  • one of his best
  • Die Stimme finde ich sehr angenehm. (Laid back)Groove stimmt auch.

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