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  • Skreamizm is dope, nothing will ever beat Blipstream from Vol. 2. Best Dubstep Track
  • Greetings from Guatemala
  • Amazing producer!
  • @Lucky_Lungz "Still"? It's not even been a bloody decade since his self-titled
  • Amazing how easy it is to make Skream influenced dubstep tracks now. That may sound like a diss, but all it really means is that technology and emulation of this man (among others') style advanced quickly. He discovered and founded it, but his credibility gets left behind by many because he only provided the framework for the more popular styles. But contemporary artists still use Massive sounds inspired by Skream.
  • new dubstep track hype?
  • self-titled is a classic in my book.
  • I really like his Skreamizm series, especially 2. Also, that album. Stagger, Dutch Flowerz, Midnight Request Line and Rutten truly are awesome tracks.
  • @ruda_kulka Just cause someone dared to make a cover of a track, doesn't mean they've ruined the track. Get over your fucking self.
  • I am in love
  • Thank you for ruining 'There is a light that never goes out'.
  • just took another swing at SKREAM! why'd I ever stop listening to it?
  • i cannot stop listening to bahl fwd... chooooon [2]
  • Having listened to his latest tracks on soundcloud I am really curious to hear his next records !
  • brostep shitty scene happened
  • He used to make the best things I ever heard in dubstep. What the hell went wrong?
  • — I guess this one should be the main [3]
  • — I guess this one should be the main [2]
  • — I guess this one should be the main
  • "Dubstep" is such an over bloated and pedestrian genre now, who can blame him if he wants nothing to do with it. All we need to do is spin Skream! to soothe our souls.
  • At least he has a sick discography left for us to enjoy.
  • v Well Bang That ain't so much disco
  • @Danomagico he's on disco scene now lol
  • He posted this scary pic on valentines day x)
  • that pic tho
  • "A sad thing that he has left the dubstep scene." What ?
  • Smokers!
  • A sad thing that he has left the dubstep scene. I hope he returns, someday. [2]
  • A sad thing that he has left the dubstep scene. I hope he returns, someday.
  • what is rollercoaster???
  • wtf are you doing now
  • yeah!! im gonna see you this weekend
  • True, not a fan of his own production but damn, he was amazing at Dour festival.
  • you may well be one of my favourite djs of all time. not a huge fan of your current stuff, but you stayed true to yourself, while giving a shit about the fans. youre the man
  • Who is Skrillex?
  • And this
  • Hopefully he finds time to release this now
  • Will forever be one of the greatest dubstep producers who ever lived. I'm sure one day he will return, I'm sorry to say I'm not surprised he's moving on...Skreamizm 1-5 forever, on repeat.
  • That's the worst news I have heard for a very very long time :(
  • Truly one of the best dubstep producers!
  • I need to work through all his shit, his self-titled is crazy good
  • Rimz & Summer Dreams <3
  • TheSadMountain, turn off scrobbler. I always do so while listening Bieber.
  • He is an OG. Classic Dubstep artist. Still goin' strong, too.
  • I love how his music sounds nothing like that mainstream "fad" of a genre, dubstep.
  • Me love you long time. Very long time.
  • Killer show in Bucharest last night. The man is a living legend.


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