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  • Avatar de Toma400
    I completely agree with you, MisterJunior. Imho Rabies is best work of Skinny Puppy and probably also one of the best industrial records so far.
  • Avatar de MisterJunior
    Been spinning this one a bit lately so I wanted to add that, IMO, VIVIsectVI/Rabies/Too Dark Park is about as good a three album stretch as you'll find in any artist's discography. You could also subtract the album on either side of Rabies so you're talking about Cleanse Fold and Manipulate -> Rabies or Rabies -> Last Rights and the same would be true. These guys were absolutely brilliant in their original incarnation.
  • Avatar de MisterJunior
    This is the only place where I've heard it mentioned that "most of the fans" say this album is bad. Everybody I know/have known who likes Skinny Puppy at all tends to put this one up there with their best work, and I'd do the same. They basically released nothing but winners from the mid-80s through to the early 90s. I know that the reception to Last Rights and The Process has always been a bit mixed which is why I say "early 90s" rather than "mid 90s" but I personally like those as well.
  • Avatar de versionfiv
    thats the point
  • Avatar de SafMao
    Besides, the cover reminds me 'That's all Folks!' from Looney Tunes.
  • Avatar de SafMao
    Everything in this album is magnificent. The cover art, the tracks (Worlock, Fascist Jock Itch, Tin Omen)... The only thing that I would replace is Spahn Dirge to be honest.
  • Avatar de Fucked_Up-Freak
    Worlock ♥
  • Avatar de Phyllobius
    Not even close to being bad.
  • Avatar de EnglandDreaming
    I second that, Cocteaulady!
  • Avatar de Cocteaulady
    Fan-fucking-tastic album, great from start to finish, I LOVE this album...

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