• Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio

    9 Ago 2006, 7:31 de zeppyfish

    Bob Dylan doesn't need any kind of introduction or justification. He transcends pretty much everything and everyone in music over the past 45 years, and if you don't agree, oh well, you're wrong.

    That being said, I'm really pleased to have discovered that Bob's weekly radio show on XM is available to download for free, provided you have the patience to hit the download button a few times on sendspace. http://patrickcrosley.com/?q=node/90

    What's it like? Well, I think it was Dave Marsh who described the music on Dylan's "The Basement Tapes" as being from "the old, weird America." Much of the music Bob plays on the show is definitely from the old weird America. Each week he has a theme (hence the name "Theme Time Radio"), and each week he pulls out some songs that most likely haven't been played on any radio anywhere for a long, long time, if ever.

    A few highlights:
    Week One - Weather
    "After the Clouds Roll Away" by The Consolers