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  • silver jews > pavement
  • "Grass grows in the icebox. The year ends in the next room It is autumn and my camouflage is dying instead of time there will be lateness and let forever be delayed."
  • <3
  • thanks
  • Tanglewood numbers! \\/
  • what's the album I should check out after american water?
  • Good band.
  • Unsung heroes
  • hospitalized for approaching perfection
  • David Berman and Stephen Malkmus' slacker duet on "Federal Dust" gives some spunk to a movement of tranquility in this diverse playlist. Drift off and take a listen here!-
  • i really really really really wish they'd come back and play some shows.
  • Early times is shittt
  • The Natural Bridge is such an amazing album
  • I wish these guys would come back more so than Pavement, and I LOVE Pavement.
  • "I wish I had a thousand bucks/I wish I was the Royal Trux"- Silver Jews, Death of an Heir of Sorrows. Shame Silver Jews don't play anymore but I'm exicted to see Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux at The Bowery Electric this Thursday.
  • was anyone offended to receive that massage??
  • Very good!
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  • Awesome band! Great writing all the way around!
  • i agree. silver jews are way better and pavements no good.
  • "Remember the distance or color does not matter but love matters a lot in life" - Oh miss rose you flatter me
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  • i mean seriously they are very different, despite sharing a member or two. i can totally see someone liking silver jews and disliking pavement, or vice versa. both are fucking great in my book!
  • An injunction was recently granted outlawing all Silver Jews / Pavement comparisons. [4]
  • An injunction was recently granted outlawing all Silver Jews / Pavement comparisons. [3]
  • David Berman reading poetry on the new The Avalanches-track was pretty cool.
  • An injunction was recently granted outlawing all Silver Jews / Pavement comparisons. [2]
  • An injunction was recently granted outlawing all Silver Jews / Pavement comparisons.
  • Although, Malkmus does a lot of the harmonies so... Really?
  • People who say this is superior to Pavement should note... This IS Pavement, with a less versatile vocalist and less depth in music. It's still good but.... really. Just, really?
  • testify! as well as being the swell-est pair of security guards ever.
  • No I know, it is a silly thing to say but I've heard people use those as evidence in "Joos > Pavement" arguments that I distance myself from as much as possible since Berman and Malkmus have pretty much equal footing in my greatest people ever list
  • And obviously in terms of Starlite Walker: Westie, and Nastanovich-e, can drum ! : D
  • The Malkmus collaborations are nowhere near the best Jews' songs though; so that's rather a moot point.
  • Berman is an outstanding songwriter and I view The Natural Bridge as his best but lets be honest: a lot of the Malkmus collaborations, People and Blue Arrangements in particular, sound like Pavement records with a less capable drummer and bassist than West and Ibold
  • Send in the Clouds
  • If you email DCB at the moment, this is what you get in reply: "Dear Correspondent. There may be some delay in my response but i will most definitely be writing back before too long. I imagine everyone but me has written by now to congratulate you on your promotion and exciting move to Los Angeles. cordial regards, David."
  • Is this kosher?
  • [url=]Good News![/url]
  • amazing
  • What's this biography about? Bla bla Pavement bla. I love Pavement but it's not like there isn't enough to say about Silver Jews!
  • Tagged "jews".
  • American Water is such a masterpiece
  • Lonesome Sundown, I'm glad The Halo Benders are in the related artists. Both Calvin and David are pretty crafty with words.
  • where is Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea?... took me a long time but now I love that record.
  • yeah rewinddude, i agree. it's the voice and perhaps the lo-fi production that serves as similarities, nothing much else.
  • much love for Silver Jews, fucking cool band. A band in my local area are called Biri. If you like Silver Jews you might dig these too:
  • them*
  • that dude from the halo benders and beat happening does have a similar voice, that is the only comparison i can make between the them


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