• A cool hypnagogic experience.

    3 Oct 2008, 0:36 de dreamlayers

    When I'm ready to fall asleep and I allow myself to fall asleep but there is some stimulus which prevents me from falling asleep I sometimes have interesting hypnagogic experiences. / music seems to work best for this.

    Last night I was listening to In Search of a Meaningful Moment by Shulman. I chose that album because I vividly remember listening to it when I was with a friend I had argued with earlier that day, and I was wondering if listening to it would lead to any useful insights regarding the argument. Suddenly I found myself being/creating a physical structure. It was the structure people construct to further their own aims/agendas in social situations. I was experiencing this as a physical structure existing in some other space. Then I heard some talk about shamanism, dreams and boundaries between states. I was amazed by how it seemed relevant to my experience, perhaps describing the nature of my experience, and then I woke up refreshed.