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  • This is like an excerpt from the best beat-em-up soundtrack ever [2]
  • The vocals a minute and a half onwards always make me smile!
  • The sounds in this song remind me of Prometheus and Bob XD
  • как надо)
  • (:)
  • Outer Mongolia
  • love this :-)
  • nice musikk:)))))) du kan:))))
  • Yeeeeeeeeeh
  • This is like an excerpt from the best beat-em-up soundtrack ever
  • biraz uzun olaydı iyiydi
  • My kind of place to live at:) I wanna get really Shpongled and get the hell away from this unshpongled land!
  • ...and I was like WTF?! :D
  • Yes Captain...We've activated the cloaking device.......d-_-b......!!!!!!!
  • Time for another visit......d-_-b.......Love!!!
  • sooooo good.
  • This one's fun! :-)
  • I didn't shout on this before - oops - thanks!
  • Awesome and funky.....Smelly Hippies....Arse!!!.
  • :)))))))
  • so fucking goood
  • "smelly hippies" ? yeah right
  • Hahaha, oh man I laughed at the singing
  • I laughed hard when I've first heard it. Nice track.
  • id see them live it would be just a bunch of smelly hippies so nvm
  • it's got a nice afrocelt sound system vibe to it.
  • heehe freakystyl like
  • this really sends my mind on a trip lol
  • don't think this stuff is 'ol Casey's cup of Shaggy, he might like it... I do, but that's beside the point.
  • Why haven't I heard this on Casey Kasem's top 40? Is he still on? Hmmmmm....
  • its taz LOL!
  • love it sooooooooo much ,, waving my arms in the air ,, in a trance with a huge smile x peace out xxxx uhh uhh uhhhh argghhh arggthhhhhh ye haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • cool.
  • love the beggining =] the end gets crazyy lol
  • a little too crazy for me...
  • Loved him alraedy, and still do. Don't need the weed man, he takes you somewhere else, isn't that enough?.. Oh yeh!!!
  • классика жанра Shpongle rules
  • It's crazy good !!
  • DELICIOSO!!!!!!!!!
  • nice
  • I haven't listened to shpongle in sooooooo long!
  • Lovely bass....
  • knockout! =)
  • ah, wonderfull, my favorite electronic artist, but why can i find them on Progressive Trance Radio, hm no matter, beautifull...
  • nice bass line
  • хорошо
  • MeeelDells!
  • ...oh Yes!!! :) :) :) tuune... :) :)
  • ейфорийный трекус
  • wow:D


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