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Shellac es un grupo de rock formado en 1992 en Chicago, illinois, por Steve Albini (guitarra, voz), Bob Weston (bajo y vocales) y Todd Trainer (batería). Han sido clasificados como post-hardcore, noise rock y math rock. Albini ha mencionado que cuando se sienten pretenciosos se llaman a sí mismos como 'Shellac de Norte América'.

Sus integrantes fueron parte de legendarias bandas de la escena independiente de los 80s.…

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  • @Paper_Okami Same here. The only Shellac stuff I ever feel like listening to is 1000 Hurts (easily their best album, IMO) and some of the singles. Uranus, in particular, is one of my favorite singles ever, as both "Doris" and "Wingwalker" absolutely kill.
  • That moment when Todd asks what song you want to hear and they bust into it as soon as you shout it out. That was my Tuesday night.
  • Imagine a man so tall, Back on the ceiling, he stooped over a man to get in his house. Imagine so proud, Build a monument to himself: A mountain of garbage, In his house.
  • same, EnderFoShowYo
  • feel like an asshole for not listening to shellac sooner
  • @Paper_Okami 1000 hurts is pretty great imo their best
  • Can't get into these guys nearly as much as I can for Rapeman and Big Black. Two Nuns is like a top 50 album of aoty for me, and both Big Black albums are excellent. I like Shellac, but I don't really think they are even half as good as the other two.

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