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Miembros actuales:
Lajon Witherspoon: Voces
Clint Lowery: Guitarras y voces
Jhon Connolly: Guitarras
Vincent Hornsby: Bajo
Morgan Rose: Batería y voces

Miembros antiguos:
Sonny Mayo: Guitarras y voces.

Sevendust es un grupo de metal alternativo de Atlanta, Georgia. la banda se formo a finales de 1992 con el nombre de "Crawlspace" aunque mas tarde se vieron obligados a cambiarlo cuando un grupo de la costa oeste…

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  • In my 30s and have not liked anything since Home but damn... Kill The Flaw is tight.
  • I just appreciate the longevity of the band... I learned to stop "splitting hairs" over which album is better than which... I listen to the band on shuffle & essentially love everything they've done. Each album takes me back to a specific time, place and age of life... they're special. A lot of these guys have children & I don't blame them if focusing on making the 'craziest, sickest... most ballistic' record of all time is no longer their priority. It's just something people need to learn and appreciate... that these are HUMAN BEINGS on the other end. Try to do a meet & greet and get to know the guys a little. Try to HUMANIZE your favorite musicians, "Cold Day Memory" wasn't what I wanted (in terms of heaviness) but then watching the documentary on the record about the band & understanding what people like Morgan were going through in their lives... THAT MOVES ME, man. This isn't just a BAND, they're music that promotes UPLIFTING messages & a POSITIVE lifestyle. I LOVE EM' to DEATH...
  • @Riktenkay I think Hope & Sorrow was underrated and brilliant but Clint was the band's primary writer/contributor on the first 4 records which if you GREW up on THEM like I did? "Sevendust", "Home"... "Animosity" and "Seasons are CLASSICS, dude... sounds like you got into them late. Clint's the man... always has been. He's an extremely good human being & family man now (if you've ever met him like I have on numerous occasions...) new album is pretty cool, if you ask me. "Black Out the Sun" was great, too! They're now in my personal Top 5 Overall with over 5,500 plays! They deserve it, one of my all-time favorite bands, for sure. Some of the coolest dudes & musicians on the Face of the Earth!
  • What the fuck is everyone's obsession with Clint Lowery? My favourite albums are Alpha and Hope & Sorrow and everything since Clint rejoined has been absolute shite.
  • Kill The Flaw is such a killer album. Fucking love it.
  • Yes the album is good, again...
  • Kill The Flaw Full Album stream:
  • Thank You ♥ [2]
  • Thank You ♥

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