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  • Avatar de clintbeed6793
    Uncle Anesthesia is their masterpiece, no doubt. Sweet Oblivion and Dust seem to get all the attention, but I find Uncle has their best musicianship as well as Mark Lanegan's greatest vocal performance. His singing has always been great but on that album he was fucking unstoppable.
  • Avatar de dadababa
    buzz factory *****
  • Avatar de stathistate
  • Avatar de A1000Mistakes
    Dollar Bill
  • Avatar de Enverxis
    Never liked Nirvana or Pearl Jam. All about AIC, Mad Season and Screaming Trees.
  • Avatar de viathin12
    screaming tress music stands the test of time better then nirvana i think, i can't enjoy nirvana songs anymore like i used to back as a teenager but screaming trees i must say i enjoy more now then i did back then
  • Avatar de ReachDown
    "Nirvana is very overrated, along with Pearl Jam." Agreed. Still, they're as good or better than Screaming Trees. However, people talking about Soundgarden below are clueless as fuck.
  • Avatar de Menno75
    "Never say never…" (Mark Lanegan on the possibility of a Screaming Trees reunion, January 2015)
  • Avatar de sohamsali1
    Guys please check out their 'Change Has Come' EP. Vastly underrated,
  • Avatar de Amrabart
    quite possibly my favorite grunge band
  • Avatar de clintbeed6793
    Nirvana is very overrated, along with Pearl Jam. Neither one should have made it as big as they did when bands like this were left behind in the dust. Also, Soundgarden is probably the greatest band to come out of Seattle. Anyone thinking they aren't essential to that scene need a fucking head check.
  • Avatar de Tymbolic
    Their songs are so fucking catchy
  • Avatar de sohamsali1
    Essential Grunge.
  • Avatar de nandosiol
  • Avatar de lovemoonxxx
    nice groove
  • Avatar de rasen-virus
    @TheOnlyRoc, YES THERE IS... the grunge from US and goth/post-punk from UK:
  • Avatar de alnothx
    I don't know why everyone thinks that soundgarden should be switched with screaming trees in the big be honest I think pearl jam should be out if anything they arent that great and pretty soft (atleast what I heard from them) I think soundgarden is one of the greats of grunge along with screaming trees of course.
  • Avatar de Alvareras
    I've just listened to Sweet Oblivion and I think that it's one my favourite grunge albums
  • Avatar de TheOnlyRoc
    replaced Nirvana? they were the first or one of the first bands to be labeled grunge and Kurt being influenced by sludge and doom metal brings them the closest to that name making any sense.
  • Avatar de TheOnlyRoc
    there are two bands named screaming trees. lol no theres not.
  • Avatar de ChristianGN
    Vão se foderem
  • Avatar de joanpwr
    I can't believe I started listening to this band only a few weeks ago. They are truly amazing!
  • Avatar de JohnnyMath
    These guys should have replaced Soundgarden as one of the big 4.[2] I really don't like to compare bands but this is true
  • Avatar de JohnnyMath
    Amazing band All albuns are amazing
  • Avatar de c67cd
    ♥ them!
  • Avatar de closterka
    best grunge!!
  • Avatar de RockInChains
    Crawlspace ♥
  • Avatar de aRetardGirl
    maravilhosamente foda!
  • Avatar de RockInChains
    These guys should have replaced Soundgarden as one of the big 4.
  • Avatar de dmFlow0607
    i think their sound is the definition of grunge
  • Avatar de PedrynhoPPC
    The best grunge band ever!!!
  • Avatar de Tymbolic
    I can't stop listening!!! halp
  • Avatar de clintbeed6793
    These guys should have replaced Nirvana as one of the big 4. One of Grunges absolute finest.
  • Avatar de Tymbolic
    What he said.
  • Avatar de sohamsali1
    Man, this band is so fucking good! Sweet Oblivion probably is now in my top 5 albums of all time list. What a band! Jesus Christ!
  • Avatar de peterfink
    one of my favourite bands ever...
  • Avatar de Tymbolic
  • Avatar de Tymbolic
    Screw these guys for being stuck in my head all the time!
  • Avatar de LuizOpbrasil
    Sweet Oblivion is awesome
  • Avatar de ajidg
    it's dam cool song rockon
  • Avatar de Still_Pluto
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  • Avatar de horta_
    amo amo amo amo <3
  • Avatar de NoahIsCool
    they have such a cool style and i always regret not spending more time with them. probably the most outsider sound to ever be associated with 'grunge'
  • Avatar de Lord_DeviL_
    .•*¨*•♫♪•<❤>_♪♫ॐ•_•ॐ♫♪+<❤>•♪♫•*¨*•.¸ ништяк
  • Avatar de RevolutionECW
    Очень интересные первые альбомы.
  • Avatar de paulio-kun
    So I just listened to these guys for the first time. Now I'm just angry that I didn't listen to them sooner. Nearly Lost You is fantastic.
  • Avatar de HimitsuUK
    Good stuff yo
  • Avatar de maplejet
    Man, this is some good stuff....really like the psychedelic sounds used on Dust.
  • Avatar de brunOz_mendes
    So underrated.
  • Avatar de Punching_joe
    love their split EP with Beat Happening


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