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Sara Bareilles

Fairytale (3:13)


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  • Great Sara"", rock on"
  • Always a great song from her. I don't want the next best thing doesn't cut it.
  • Very Fiona Apple-ish
  • i love this song:)
  • Definitely my favourite Sara B song. Can't express my love for it in words.
  • i don't care for your fairy tales.
  • Thank you oh so much for your concern, but Sara and I are just fine without your blessed concern, dear.
  • Who said anything about nice Cherry? Ok then, nice guys with an edge(or filled with crap) are just a figment of your imagination. Give a little and its not enough, give a lot and get trampled. I just want what's best for you...and Sara of course.
  • @Dave: Oh please. She didn't say all men are apathetic. She wants society to stop lying to women, saying that having a man is absolutely necessary for survival. And take that "Bad Boys" crap some where else. Being a "nice guy" doesn't entitle you to crap.
  • I like Sara Bareilles...but she makes a lot of rash generalizations in her songs. If I'm lumped in and thought of as an inconsiderate, uncaring prick....I guess the really uncaring, abusive a-holes out there are just "Bad Boys". Ridiculous that women think that way.
  • One of her best.
  • Cinderellas on her bedroom floor......
  • small world i now go to school at Humboldt state university next to eureka ca
  • crush on the guy at the liqueur store ;)
  • Awesomeeeeeee
  • Different than my version, but I love the added chorus
  • My favorite of hers. So witty and catchy.. To this day I think that the Careful Confessions version is 1000x better than the overproduced Little Voice version. Just the piano alone gives it a classic fairytale feel.
  • I saw her in concert over the summer, she is such a hilarious person!
  • "I don't need the next best thing." ... +1 :-)
  • i would love to go see her in concert! :) her and alicia keys should tour together or do a song together!
  • masa e ada adele
  • Soooo in love with this song, very clever!
  • \o/
  • i love this song :D
  • just being facetious....can't pass up the Happy Ending!!! LOL!!
  • the LYRICS MAKE this song ;)
  • The lyrics on this one are really special. In a good way :)
  • Gr8!
  • I LOVE this song!! Sara is sooo fabulous!! The video for this song was adorable as well! I actually wrote an article that was inspired by this song a couple of years ago!! Check it out! ;-)
  • I don't want the next best thing :)
  • "Snow White is doing the dishes again, cause what else do you do with seven itty-bitty men..." I got a laugh out of this line, but want to state, that I've been washing my dishes myself for the past 9 years. ;-)
  • super mega talent
  • Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
  • Her face a lot of character to it.
  • brilliant!
  • Sounds like Aimee Mann!
  • love the jazzy piano and what a sweet voice :D
  • ;d
  • i like it
  • good song, I like her voice.
  • good stuff
  • Definitely like the origination on the EP better.
  • First listen - piano is GREAT!
  • !!!!!!
  • Haha, this is such a cute song!
  • The piano version is AMAZING!!! This is good though. Still love Sara!
  • My sentiments exactly!! Such an excellent song!
  • I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SARA!! your amazing!!
  • love the lyrics! I agree the piano version is much better. Still love it though.
  • the pianoversion, definitely...was absolutely disappointed when i bought the record and they threw this one at me...


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