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Come Close (3:15)


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  • Love, Love, Love. <3
  • agreed, best band ever...
  • coooooome cloooooose, coooome ooon! <3
  • goosebumps....good sign!
  • Anthony Green ;___; <3 FTW
  • they friggin rock.
  • I love this band. I only know who they are for two reasons. 1. Escape the fate and I Am Ghost on tour and 2. I walked into my art class and some one had written the band name on a peice of paper and left it on a table. being me I had to look the word up.
  • The whole album flows oh so nicely. I had this bumpin' in my car on non-stop repeat for 2 months straight.
  • amazing band seen them plenty of times never get old
  • Very cool band to see live.....
  • i was sad that they didn't play at warped tour when i went.... :(
  • This band is pretty awesome i must say!!!!
  • "Come on, you can be yourself again!!" I never used to like this, but it's certainly grown on me. Still, not the best on the album, not by a longshot. If this is your fave from the album, it must be your fave Saosin song, because of course ISOSG is fail.
  • cool song!
  • pretty laffo
  • <3
  • saosin is one of the greatest bands in the modern post-hardcore scene, along with The Fall of Troy
  • pfft its not gay
  • Gay.
  • ♥♥♥♥♥
  • best song on the album [2]
  • amazing track, I love it
  • best song on the album
  • Amaziing, I use the same guitar strings of Beau and Justin *_* Ernie Ball
  • SAOSIN!! <33!! amo su musica *-*!
  • <3
  • so come clooose!!!
  • <3
  • very cool song live
  • lo mejor !!!
  • Greatest!
  • Saosin rock, totally underrated.
  • from the best ,, well i like saosin A LOTAA:D
  • :·3
  • danngg gotta love it
  • they are the ones who will hold you still...
  • waaaaaaa *____* lof iit!!
  • F*****************CK'N owesome
  • Saosin is my crack when I'm useless and bored.
  • LOlz thIs is a Nice Song!! Its not Bout Life!! but More thn ThT!! xD
  • these guys got it down.
  • Omg this song is like my life, just a litle sad, not fore to long.
  • this is cool music cool very googs and amazing is great jaja im latin fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Fav track off this album. Love it.
  • this is what saosin do best
  • My favourite one^_____^
  • one of their best


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