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  • Avatar de Feli_
    good but one of the few songs i liked on the record. first one was hits nonstop
  • Avatar de NSAyven
    It's one of these songs that make you sad and happy at the same time but most importantly make you inspired.
  • Avatar de Christofurr
    Pissing Direct Line... must adverts ruin EVERYTHING?
  • Avatar de gnotehead
    dig it
  • Avatar de hf1809
  • Avatar de creepstreet
  • Avatar de CleberDuarte
    Minha faixa preferida, sem mais *-*
  • Avatar de LightsAndLights
    makes me sad ,_, [2] not sure why
  • Avatar de trnavacek
  • Avatar de SasukeJJ
    diggin' it
  • Avatar de hf1809
    <3 cool it good---
  • Avatar de bertisevil6
    sehr cool
  • Avatar de tudde65
  • Avatar de doctorjmo
    love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar de fckshit
  • Avatar de ToxicFahrenheit
    This is an example of a perfect song. [2]
  • Avatar de smarty3000
    This is an example of a perfect song.
  • Avatar de allgonetomorrow
    Best song of 2012. [6] (really, I dare you to find something that could compare)
  • Avatar de I-REF
    First time hearing this track...It's bad ass.
  • Avatar de mkizielewicz
  • Avatar de marijabilic
  • Avatar de iamamiwhoami92
    ahhh this sounds greeeat! :O *___*
  • Avatar de Agatar12
    Ooooo Cropp :) Reklama Croppa oraz super piosenka :)!
  • Avatar de diegu69
    Forza Horizon bring me here! Great song :)
  • Avatar de R3B3L1724
    Best song of 2012. (4)
  • Avatar de Rubvo
    awesome rhythm.
  • Avatar de Sanches10
    I want to find words to describe this but i can't.
  • Avatar de pavskies
  • Avatar de fanatka_rox
    love it
  • Avatar de rogee
    Fantastic song. What is the piano sample from? It reminds me of something from the 90s.
  • Avatar de okrebecca
  • Avatar de Daniel_Green
    Great song!
  • Avatar de Vaxey
    Best song of 2012. (4)
  • Avatar de coloava
    #82 in the Triple J Hottest 100 - counting down the best songs of 2012!
  • Avatar de Moranah
    Love how the rythm switches back and forth. Really a power anthem.
  • Avatar de Klaire_Kipley
    makes me sad ,_, so powerful
  • Avatar de ScorpioGuy
    Best song of 2012. (3)
  • Avatar de CCSandman
    Arguably song of the year.
  • Avatar de coloronthewalls
  • Avatar de kyzylsungur
    marvellous song
  • Avatar de Prettyeyez226
    Really enjoy this
  • Avatar de ohsolucky
    This deserves to be a huge worldwide anthem. It's too amazing to remain under wraps.
  • Avatar de Robsy
    Yes, this is awesome
  • Avatar de lesliedahlink
    This song is badass, just like Santigold.
  • Avatar de pinkalba
    The keyboard makes the song perfect!
  • Avatar de gusfenty
    Best song of 2012 [2]
  • Avatar de threebright
    fkn awsom to skate to.
  • Avatar de fierce_bitch
    we said our dreams will carry us, and if the don't fly we will run!
  • Avatar de Ailtonjuni0r
    Best song of 2012
  • Avatar de Aimee_Horan
    love this song. i remember i heard it ages ago. so glad i found it again :) <3


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