• New discoveries Vol. III

    28 Dic 2006, 21:26 de der_Karl

    Once again it's time for some new musical discoveries I made during the last weeks. This time I've got some trance and also a bit of futurepop. So, let's start right away before the year is over. :D

    VNV Nation
    This is a quite popular Futurepop-/EBM-Band originally hailing from London but now based in Hamburg. As I already knew their remix of Apoptygma Berzerk's "Kathy's Song" I wanted to know what VNV Nation sounded like on their own. A definite must-hear is their track Beloved.

    A trance producer from Finland who's still unsigned which really is a pity I think. Plus he was born 1982 - just like me. :D His tracks have a very relaxing sound - much like Jimmy Myhrman's tracks. _S4E_'s two albums White Sound and Moonquartz are fully streamable here on - so head on over and listen to them.

    Covenant is a swedish Futurepop/EBM-Band I discovered while driving with one of my former room-mates. That guy usually only listens to heavy metal and other…
  • New Connections...

    22 Dic 2006, 16:04 de irchs

    caktusaurus said:
    Hi! Here comes another one! I'm in a band called Out of Time. We're from Sweden and we play progressive funk/rock. You can listen to our demo Astray here on

    We'd be happy to be on your list!

    // Martin, Out of Time


    _S4E_ said:

    Been a part of this group for a while and didn't notice this the last time I was here... Probably it was too long ago :)

    Anyways, here goes mine S4E

    Trance from Finland ;)


    saimodog said:
    hey listen too our roots reggae groupe "Journeymen" keepin it Irie in the the west coast of finland.....
    keepin up the Fire & Love 4 REGGAE !!!
    check out our vibes !!! or

    Enjoy and tag etc :)