• 25 Great Hard Bop Jazz Albums

    1 Feb 2008, 13:05 de beelzbubba

    25 Great Hard Bop Albums at the Music Advice Center

    For this compilation, I need to add a definition of hard bop, to distinguish this form from its close precedent, bebop, or simply, bop.

    Here's what Scott Yanow (All Music Guide) has to say:
    Although some history books claim that Hard Bop arose as a reaction to the softer sounds featured in cool jazz, it was actually an extension of bop that largely ignored West Coast jazz. The main differences between hard bop and bop are that the melodies tend to be simpler and often more "soulful"; the rhythm section is usually looser, with the bassist not as tightly confined to playing four-beats-to-the-bar as in bop; a gospel influence is felt in some of the music; and quite often, the saxophonists and pianists sound as if they were quite familiar with early rhythm & blues. Since the prime time period of hard bop (1955-70) was a decade later than bop, these differences were a logical evolution and one can think of hard bop as bop of the '50s and '60s. …