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  • Fate Of Nations is superb!
  • Happy B-day bro
  • Happy birthday!!!!
  • happy birthday love :*
  • happy birthday !
  • Does anyone have Now and Zen need it!
  • this is a collection of tunes i wrote , played , and recorded for bob when you plannin' on payin' me back
  • i usta say bob are signin' for the def , dumb , and blonde
  • @TheBlackBoss: Iron Maiden sucks ;]
  • Lollapalooza Brasil! ️️Love ️️love ️love
  • He sucks.
  • Robert....get a grip.No c--t is remotely interested in your boring self indulgent solo shit.Yeah, people will blindly follow you, but it's crap.You know it, we know it......reform Led Zep you twat and give the people what they want.After all, it was us that gave you the life you have now.Time to repay the generation who lined your pockets but were too young to see you.Youv'e had your fun, now sort it out!!!
  • Not bad. In fact, I like it. Good stuff.
  • bob, i sure hope the yellow stuff honeydrippin' out of willy the one-eyed trouser trout is or else that fishin' hole is polluted / / / public service announcement from the dept. of env. prot.
  • bob, jim here where you been , , , you guest dj along with most were fresh before the embalming fluid dried ?
  • Robert Plant = SEX
  • как была самая любимая, так и остается... Big Log ♥
  • hey bob, jim here follow the boucin' balls whist i stuff this boot up your spyntur no appt. necessary
  • Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar is so underrated. What an amazing record!
  • Lollapalooza 2015!!
  • Rainbow ♥
  • Hot
  • drobchak: Not always but a lot of it has been. Mighty Rearranger, for example is just superb.
  • I listen to new album and think - "is his solo material was alwais that great and i just didn't noticed"?
  • O mestre nunca faz feio! Lullaby...<3
  • DrippingNose I agree. The new album is really great.
  • Lullaby...Great Album!
  • Последний сольник годный, спасибо мистер Плант!:)
  • new album is awesome
  • Сольный Плант хорош, но не Цеппелины, не Цеппелины
  • Happy birthday, Mr. Plant.
  • Happy Birthday !! One of best vocals of history :')
  • Was very good at Glastonbury, as can be expected. Looking forward to the new album.
  • Rainbow!
  • I just started listening to Robert solo, I'm listening to his 80s albums and he has great material
  • New single Little Maggie played on BBC 6 Music this morning:
  • Класс!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Heaven Knows <3
  • not anymore
  • Robert Plant = SEX
  • te amo cara
  • I might be the only person who likes Now and Zen better than any Zeppelin album.
  • Happy birthday Robert :) I'm sorry I forgot D: But I'm such a fan of Led Zep! Better late then never. All of my Love <3
  • happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday !!! <3 <3 <3
  • Happy Birthday man :)
  • Happy B-day!!!
  • Happy Birthday, Golden God!


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