• Countrier Than Thou

    22 Feb 2006, 18:32 de Tweedyzgirl

    (disclaimer: I posted this on my old blog www.ghostwiring.blogspot.com, and it created some controversy. People began to think I was dissing Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch and the like. They said I was an elitist for bringing up some of the ideas in this post. Now, I feel the need to add a disclaimer so that this doesn't happen again. I like Adams and Welch. I like them a lot, so I'm not criticizing them at all, just bringing to light some of the things that people might not think about that affects the way they view music. Also, this is only my OPINION. Enjoy!)

    A few months back, at www.ViaChicago.org, there was a discussion of 'fake country voices'. Someone said that Ryan Adams was great because he sang country music without a 'fake country voice'. (This argument was countered with the notion that, yeah, but he tries to sound like everyone else so it's just as bad.) There was also a bit of an argument between my father and a friend of ours about Gillian Welch (not at VC. …