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Rob Thomas

Streetcorner Symphony (4:09)


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  • Lol, I've noticed that a lot of his fans are female. XD
  • no matter what he does or who he does it with Rob ROCKS IT...lyrics like no other
  • <3 Rob Thomas ~♡~
  • This track is very Adam Duritz, don't you think?
  • robs voice = ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Rob, you keep making me fall in love with your voice!
  • Sing it, man...
  • :)
  • always makes me smile...
  • Beautiful man, beautiful voice, beautiful music!!! <3
  • I like Rob Thomas because he has a unique voice. =)
  • things will be alright..
  • my sisiter and my brothers of every different color..
  • yea lets get up and dance! love he's voice
  • great song writer.
  • doesn't it just make you wanna skip down the street :)
  • Puts me in a good mood :)
  • shit
  • Ever The Same - Rob Thomas <3
  • a brilliant "feel good" song.
  • galing mo rob.
  • Wow I've heard this track a billion times, didn't know it was by Rob Thomas. (2)
  • Rob Thomas is severely overplayed, but this is the only song I can still tolerate.
  • Its good,but I preffer Smooth
  • I still say this is the best song that douchebag John Mayer has ever been a part can never go wrong with Rob.
  • Great song..
  • adding to my songs of summer playlist for sure.
  • eine meiner lieblings stimmen, egal ob solo oder mit den twenty´s. einfach, genial und fantastisch - rob thomas.
  • oooo,track good,single it in
  • Wow I've heard this track a billion times, didn't know it was by Rob Thomas.
  • feel good track
  • so ready for summer!
  • he's great
  • this is a great song.
  • I have alsways Loved thistrack, although i'd have to say i only heard it over the passed year. Kinda funny thinkin about all the awards this album won. WELL DESERVED, shoulda won more.
  • CLASSIC!!!!!
  • i don't want to come over but thanks for the invitation =P
  • come on over!
  • this is the best i've heard.......awesome rob
  • Rob thomas voice is really amazing but his band sounds better than what he uses when he was solo
  • The backing chorus really work well with this song!
  • Totally forgot about this one! I LOVE it!
  • What a great voice. Fantastic summery feel-good track from a much underrated artist.
  • wowowow....m nknta!!
  • Sabroso!!!!!!!! jajajajajaja
  • Another great song.
  • Whenever I hear this song, I envision what looks like it could be the last scene in a PG summer blockbuster. XD So happy, it makes me wish it were summer.
  • SO uplifting and accepting and happy! I just love this song.
  • Yeah, blueswillow... I especially like the way he doesn't resolve that last note. No passing-tone at all. He jus' lets it lie there ... Very "raw". ;-)


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