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  • <3
  • legends never die. his memory will live on forever.
  • Feliz o dia em que conheci a música dele e por conseguinte seu gênero musical ♥♥♥
  • I always think that, actually, rock n' roll would be different if he was alive.
  • This is great.
  • Me encanta ritchie. él era un músico brillante, por no mencionar muy guapo también. I love Ritchie ;)
  • Why must the good die young? Man do I love Mr. Valens...
  • <3
  • Bettin' about 200 of those weekly La Bamba scrobbles are mistagged Los Lobos versions don't ya know.
  • i've uploaded a couple of new pictures :]
  • rock n roll legend
  • he'd only be 72 today. Sad that he was taken so young :(
  • I don't think I'll ever stop being depressed at how young he was. Ever.
  • Happy Birthday Ritchie! :(
  • Das Leben war kurz, aber uns bleibt die beste Musik. [2]
  • rest in peace Ritchie Valens
  • JP, Buddy and Ritchie may not have lived very long but their music will live on forever.
  • You mean, the song he didn't write?
  • I just read your biography, and I could not but mourn now as if his death had happened, and was 53 years ago. His talent is enormous proportions, which worth your destination. His talent led him into the exclusive site of eternal fame, immortality. We Belong Together ... a perpetual work of art.
  • Acabo de leer su biografia, y no pude menos que llorar como si ahora mismo hubiese sucedido su muerte, y fue hace 53 años. Su talento es de proporciones enormes, que pena su destino. Su talento lo hizo entrar al exclusivo sitio de la fama eterna, de la inmortalidad. We Belong Together...una obra de arte perpetua.
  • Das Leben war kurz, aber uns bleibt die beste Musik.
  • Damn plane.
  • great voice and soul. rock 'n roll legend.
  • Too young. Talent gone too soon. R.I.P Ritchie. 53 years ago yesterday.
  • soo young, yet soo much talent.. rip :(
  • Still "On tour" [2] LOL Tour in Heaven! <3 you Ritchie!!
  • buen aporte gracias men
  • :(
  • I wish I could go to an alternate universe where he hadn't gone so soon and see how music turned out...
  • oh my ritchie!!!
  • Слушая его песни понимаешь что лучшие песни уже спеты.
  • hoy he vuelto a ver la bamba
  • Блин, вот же красавец-мужчина то был, в 17-то лет. Что называется, кровь!
  • RIP <3
  • He was really good! :'-(
  • Only the good die young. But music never dies! <3
  • The Beatles,Stones Carlos Santana,Dylan,Los Lobos and The Romones are just some of the many who been influenced by three men who are gone but not forgotten. RIP JP,Buddy and Ritchie.
  • The day the music died ;<
  • The music never died. Ritchie lives on :) +
  • Still "On tour"
  • Mafia 2 soundtrack - today I heard 'Oh donna'. That' great. I just stopped my vehicle and enjoying music...
  • Красавчег! МУзыкантище! Талантище! Безумно жаль что умер так рано((((и вообще его личность почемуто зацепляет внимание. Genius
  • ;_______; murió demasiado joven u-u
  • Oh Donna...
  • WTF? He died at 17 :(
  • The music never died. Ritchie lives on :)
  • R.I.P. Ritchie
  • Much respect for this guy.
  • Such great music from this gifted & talented singer/entertainer. What a tragedy to have him & the others taken from our midst too soon. For more details & BIO & to leave a virtual memorial PLZ see <click on Famous grave search. Those like me from the 'baby boomer' generation of the 50s & 60s sure have fond memories of this genre of music. Rest In PEACE. God bless~!


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