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Ringo Starr

Gone Are the Days (2:49)


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  • It's HE who wears the ring !!
  • We love you Ringo!
  • Beady Eye
  • Marge loves you, Ringo (2)
  • I think Ringo was always underrated. The couple of singles of his I have heard have been great. I don't think you could be just any old musician with that group...
  • damn Ring... you're a bamf!
  • WOW
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  • Ringo, who would have thought
  • it's lyric, i like it
  • Ringo is the stuff!
  • marge loves you, ringo
  • surprising!
  • was that a mellotron in the beginning? Golly, that's a beautiful sound!
  • Got to get myself this album.This guy has to be taken more seriously than he is
  • Never heard a Beatles song yet this is the closest I've got and I'm on it all the time.
  • I think it has something to do with the rights to them. The Beatles have (until recently) never released their music digitally. They probably have some sort of exclusive contract with Itunes, since that's the only place you can get those tracks right now. That and Rock Band, if you count that.
  • Love it but why are there no "beatles songs" on the beatles radio station????
  • Ringo rocks
  • ringo is that you SHUT UP!!
  • Indeed Ringo did a good job with this one
  • That's what I call a fun song.
  • wow, Ringo, I'm impressed! :)
  • cool !
  • the underestimated beatle
  • Almost as good as For Love from that album!
  • This is a very nice song! I like it
  • Ringo kept rock.
  • uderbar
  • ringo!
  • Ringo is amazing!!
  • vamos ringo!! aunque juan no te quiera yo si!!
  • I am surprised that this has not made radio... it's such a strong lyric, and WICKED production.
  • This is pleasantly adventorous

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