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  • first time heard it in Boogie Nights, of course
  • I must've watched Boogie Nights again...
  • Just watched Boogie Nights for the millionth time and of course heard this classic again, along with many others of course. One of the all time great soundtracks!
  • Dancing in my chair at work while I listen to this oldie but Goodie! LOL
  • this song stops everyone dead in their tracks!! <3
  • If you like Rick Springfield, check out his song "Victoria's Secret" Awesome tune
  • me encanta esta cancion y tambien el cover de glee
  • Leave it to dancing Beavis to leave such an insightful comment. I'd never have thunk that XD
  • Shame he chose a girls name for his male friend.
  • Prat.
  • LOL, he's wishing for sloppy seconds.
  • This screams '80s. Gotta love it.
  • One of the first songs I heard from him, long time ago now!! Been a fan ever since.
  • will never be anybody's wedding song :)
  • he´s fantastic. yeah!
  • Whooooooo! I love this tune and talent! Spank!
  • I wish that i had jessies girl :)
  • ok
  • Rick Springfield is just as awesome live!
  • Brilliant ;]
  • Sadly, I know what hentai mikeysrob's avatar is from... And can provide link. #whatamIdoingwithmylife
  • cause she's watching him with those eyes...
  • Take me back! I love this song" Jessie's Girl! " Spank! Whoooooooooo! I wish I could find a good man! ?
  • this is the best song ever, i dont care what anyone says this man is a freaking legend, also worth noting this is worth listening to whiolst playiny red dead UN keeps your mind off of impending doom
  • Smoke On the Water and Jessie's Girl were the first two tunes I figured out on my guitar when I was a snot nosed teenager.
  • You can have her...
  • jessies girl <3
  • Alfred Molina! Boogie Nights!!!!!
  • Worst friend ever.
  • My 17 yr old has rediscovered this and leaarned to play it.. ha,
  • He is still good looking.
  • OMG! I love this tune! Talent! Spank! Where can I find a Man like that! Guess what? I will find a man and it must be right!
  • I found my girl and I'm never letting her go :)
  • epic song
  • watch the video....a suit with white that is 80'
  • Had Jessie's girl she aint all that....awesome tune....pure 80's cheeseness....gotta love it!!!!
  • She aint all that!
  • I am Jessies girl!
  • wish i had jessie's girl
  • I had her, you can have her... She smells funny....
  • so good and a part of my kidhood
  • I think we all can relate to this song, Back in the day.
  • reminds me of heartbreak and recovering from heartbreak ( dancing around my friends room at uni)
  • I love this song! Take me back!
  • Yeahhhhhhhhhh baby!! Bringin' back the 80's! Whew, I couldn't get enough of this song AND Rick back then and I'm still lovin' him now!! One of my favs now & fo' eva!!!! Love that nice guitar ending....
  • I am Jessies girl! :-) HAAA! HAA! FU all!
  • OMG! I love this song! Take me back!!!!!!!!


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