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Regina Spektor

On the Radio (3:07)


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  • download On The Radio.mp3
  • download On The Radio.mp3
  • sooooooo god it this song****
  • SO GOOD !!!
  • Love her way of saying .... Stor-m.....
  • such a great opening line
  • She reminds me Chelsea Clinton!
  • I've forgotten that I was in love with this song once upon a time.... BBC version ftw
  • TALENT AT WORK !.........
  • Second verse = one of my favourite lyrics of all time
  • Großer Song !!
  • I just wanna love this song over and over and over again
  • Loved this for ages :) Praying that the disease will leave the ones we love and never come again! So sad and true.. don't we all </3
  • XD <3
  • I love this womans voice.
  • the melody did become mainstream, but its lyrics will forever be the work of angels. deep metaphors & hidden messages, how it does it...Idk
  • :-))))
  • Nothing like this on the radio these days...damn.
  • niceeee
  • iregretnothing you are not alone she is singing "on the Bradio" for some reason
  • such a happy song! :D
  • wonderful...
  • Great track... but who listens to the radio?
  • Ես մի անգամ հանդիպել են ԱՄՆ - ից հետո բազմաթիվ պայքարում է կիթառ մարդը
  • heLP i keep hearing "on the Bradio" for some reason
  • brilliantly mad
  • ... It Feels A Little Worse, Than When We Drove Our Hearse.. Right through that screaming crowd. ... Yikes!
  • On the radio UH-OH
  • describes the whole concept of life.
  • It makes me happy, this song
  • niiice
  • I adore this song. <3 On the radio-ah-oh!
  • asleee-eep... bum-bu-bu-bu-bum
  • sweeeeetttttt!!!!
  • sweet voice for a sweet song
  • omg, this is so sweet and heart warming
  • ba badam badam ba
  • regina makes wonderful music!
  • beautifull, really....... i didn`t knew her before
  • lindo lindooo beautifull beautifull!!! roses in your soul
  • Tararan Taran
  • This song is so fun!
  • I once had a dream of bees stinging my knees:D
  • So pretty!
  • And everyone must breathe until their dying breath. This song is so sweet.
  • <3
  • Like the way she says "DeeJe" :-)
  • cute
  • This is one of my favorite regina songs!


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