• Song Of The Day - 25th May 2008: Party Down

    25 May 2008, 11:05 de GrantRS

    Reel Big Fish / "Party Down" / Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free (1) / 2007

    Artist: Reel Big Fish
    Original Album: Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free
    Track: Party Down

    After picking a week of ultra progressive over the top tracks. I needed to pick something radically different to preserve my sanity. It's no secret that I like this band, they're on my top 50 for all to see.

    While not the 'traditional' sort of singer associated with most of the music I listen to, I have to admire Reel Big Fish's Aaron Barret. A natural showman, surely. A great sense of humour and an ability to put a humourous twist on seemingly anything he sings about.

    There are times when I think I need to look into other bands in the genre, since I am so enthusiastic about this band, but in all honesty, the Fish are so good that I'm not sure if I need to.

    I can't explain what I like about the Fish, this song embodies many things which are almost the polar opposite of the prog…