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Ram-zet es una banda de Noruega que mezcla diversos generos, desde el black metal, thrash metal, hasta estructuras progresivas con armonias inusuales y violines... Se puede considerar una banda vanguardista...

Henning "Zet" Ramseth - voz guitarra
Miriam Elisabeth "Sfinx" Renvåg - voz, teclado
Ingvild Johannesen (Sareeta) - violin, coros
Küth (bateria), Solem - bajo
Magnus Østvang - teclado

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  • Mind-blowing stuff! I am ultra impressed. A good friend of mine gave me Intra, but got Pure Therapy and Neutralized on my own. I like 'em a lot! This is one amazing band!
  • To ad to my previous comment: 'Neutralized' and 'Freaks in Wonderland' are great aswell, although the mastering on FiW feels a bit off. That said, I think that 'Neutralized' is their second best album.
  • Another band I pretty much have rediscovered. Excellent stuff 'specially the album 'Intra'.
  • I'm in love with this band, freaking awesome!!! I like all albums, and I really enjoyed FIW another masterpiece |m|
  • Escape baby, oh yeah!!
  • Escape is still the best album of ALL time :]
  • Back in 2001 I thought their sound was a bit too clean for my taste (still, I spent countless hours listening to Pure Therapy), but after rediscovering them last week, I have no objections against their sound. I look forward to catch up on everything that has happened post Pure Therapy.
  • Ram-Zet needed to go somewhere "different" without losing their identity as I think the formula was becoming stale on Neutralized (ironic also due the album title). I think with FIW they have succeeded in this endeavour - revitalizing themselves without losing any of their "zet-ness" (if that makes any sense). It's fast climbing up my rank of favourites and would probably class it as my 3rd favourite release behind Escape and Intra.
  • I see what GlamMaster is saying when he calls the new album more "commercial"; it sounds different than their past albums, I get it. However, it is by no means an "epic fail". FIW still has Ram-Zet written all over it, and it's still outlandish enough that it cannot be called mainstream by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it boring. If you think so, it's because you're an idiot. FIW is easily another solid release from a solid band. Rock the fuck on, friends!

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