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  • ed's hair looks weird
  • up
  • aww
  • crazy hair
  • i love pic ever from radiohead.
  • Thom looks sexy
  • Ramones
  • só quer ser o Sonic Youth
  • great photo
  • Shit picture is shit.
  • perfect photo
  • Epic
  • <3
  • cute
  • yes, I'm troll, and what made you?
  • @sokd Oh my, u just put it in every single pic? Troll
  • fucking shit. I hate Radiohead, they're so pathetic, and everyone who listens to this band is sad loser, who tries to forget about his problems listening to this music. Who would not agree?
  • i luv this pic
  • melhor cantor caolho que existe :D amo *-*
  • melhor cantor caolho que existe :D amo *-*
  • melhor cantor caolho que existe :D amo *-*
  • uber sexy
  • LOVE IT !!!
  • ed's like joe strummmer :D
  • they look punk. hahaha
  • coolest photo
  • thom... looks really good.
  • on le reconnais pas le tomy ^^
  • Phil's doing his best Tom Cruise impression
  • Brickwall!!
  • <3
  • I like it
  • Classic... Not the best, too sad~
  • Ed belongs on here.
  • Ed = :(
  • thom's a babe in this
  • Ed looks like Dylan from Beverly Hills :D (2)
  • quality of this image is glorious not sure about the moment tho
  • get this pic down there are far better pictures down down..
  • good
  • hmm, thom looks pretty good here. ;D
  • WFT with Ed's head!!!
  • Ed looks like Dylan from Beverly Hills :D
  • This picture has been my laptop background since 2007. Time for a change perhaps? Haha.
  • the best pic! I think Thom's jacket is cool 8D haha
  • Don't swallow the press. One of Thom's favourite t-shirts. Lovely, lovely picture.
  • wtf?
  • ))))))))))) the best.......


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