• Purchased in 2006

    11 Dic 2006, 6:15 de gregage

    These are albums (and singles) I've purchased throughout the entire year.
    It's not much... I didn't do much shopping this year.

    - Version 2.0 - my second copy
    - beautifulgarbage - my second copy
    - Why Do You Love Me (single)

    - Supernature

    - Goodbye Alice in Wonderland

    - Witching Hour

    - I'm Going to Tell You a Secret
    - Jump (single)

    - Morningwood

    - Broken (EP)
    - The Downward Spiral
    - Further Down the Spiral
    - The Perfect Drug (remix single)
    - The Fragile
    - Things Falling Apart
    - With Teeth
    - Every Day Is Exactly the Same (single)

    - Impeach My Bush

    - Greatest Hits

    - Fever To Tell
    - Show Your Bones
    - Gold Lion (single)

    That's about all I can think of for now...
    I may have forgotten some. I'm not sure.
    I also did some downloading this year, too.
  • Top Ten Artist Quiz!! \8D/

    1 Dic 2006, 10:09 de fukyuu_sven

    Yep, you guessed it: I'm still bored. ;A;

    Top Ten Artist (In no particular order -- excluding the top three):
    01. t.A.T.u.
    02. DIR EN GREY
    03. Kabah
    04. Korn
    05. Queen
    07. AC/DC
    08. ayumi hamasaki
    09. System of a Down
    10. Anti-Flag

    (Mind you, numbers 4-10 tend to change quite often...)

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6?::
    Hrm...I think it was Missing.

    2. What is your favorite album of 2?::
    You want me to choose?! Damn...I think I'd have to be Vulgar. If I hadn't randomly come across a bunch of the songs off that album, I wouldn't be a DIR EN GREY fan right now. 83

    3. What is your favorite lyric number 5 has sung?::
    OH that's easy. It's the lyrics I always get stuck in my head:

    You say black I say white
    You say bark I say bite
    You say shark I say hey man
    Jaws was never my scene
    And I don't like Star Wars
    You say Rolls I say Royce
    You say God give me a choice
    You say Lord I say Christ died.
  • CD Collection (OMGZ I OWNZ CDS!!1!one!)

    19 Nov 2006, 3:27 de fukyuu_sven

  • music I own

    29 Oct 2006, 1:32 de Sete-Inertiatic

  • Oh the shame of it all

    6 Oct 2006, 23:04 de thrownsugar

    As I was listening to ABBA this morning, it made me think back to how I got into music and the very first artists I liked.

    My Dad was a total music freak. He still is. For a lot of my childhood, there was constantly battering of ones eardrums with the rather impressive collection of vinyls he had. He once told me he had in excess of 2000.

    He got his first CD player in the late '80s. It was a crusty looking thing when I think about it. It was not until the mid '90s he finally relinquished the vinyl for CD. With this, came the time to sell his old LPs in a garage sale.

    The leftovers were handed to myself. I had an old record player. The first record I got was Greatest Hits. I thrashed it, and there you have it, my first musical crush. I adored Queen for much of the mid '90s. This was closely followed by ABBA. My Dad had all the albums on LP - which I was quite impressed with.

    I was given a walkman for Xmas one year. I thrived on tapes for a while. …
  • My Mom's Queen's Discography, VHS and DVDs

    18 Jul 2006, 17:20 de APhoenix13

    By Joséli Costa Jantsch

    1.Queen - 2 editions.
    2.Queen II
    3.Sheer Heart Attack
    4.A Night at the Opera
    5.A Day at the Races
    6.News of the World
    8.Live Killers
    9.The Game
    10.Flash Gordon
    11.Hot Space
    12.The Works
    13.A Kind Of Magic
    14.Live Magic
    15.The Miracle
    17.Live at Wembley'86
    18.Made in Heaven
    19.Greatest Hits
    20.Greatest Hits II
    21.Classic Queen
    22.Queen at the BBC
    23.Queen- The Ultimate Collecton, Rarities, Oddities and Cover Versions
    24.Freddie Mercury Remixes
    25.Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé - Barcelona
    26.The Freddie Mercury Album
    27.Tributo ao Queen - The Greatest names of the Latin Rock
    28.Geaorge Michael and Queen with Lisa Stansfield - Five Live
    29.Greatest Flix - VHS
    30.Greatest Flix II - VHS
    31.The Freddie Mercury Tribute - I e II - VHS
    32.Queen Rare Live - VHS
    33.Queen+Paul Rogers - The Return of The Champions -DVD

    QueenQueenQueen IISheer Heart AttackA Night at the OperaA Day at the RacesNews Of The WorldJazzLive
  • musing on charts and rambling coz im procrastinating

    27 Jun 2006, 11:40 de glassandahalf

    I really like the last.fm charts.

    I think the whole thing stems back from when I was a kid, and I would religiously watch rage, especially the top 40. I would study and survey, remembering which tracks were where, compared to the week before. There were things I figured out by myself from doing that that I consider vital for problem solving that I had to do later in life, but always it has been problem solving via curiosity. I would wonder why, when it came in at number 1, the clip for Madonna’s Justify My Love was not shown – I found out. It was censored. Why? A million reasons, but mostly because they don’t reckon kids should see that stuff. I would get what was going on. Watch in amazement as the re-release of Bohemian Rhapsody got to number one for like 12 straight weeks coinciding with the release of Queen’s Greatest Hits cd one xmas. This song was like nothing I had ever heard, and to the 10 year old al, was inexplicably popular… Another summer…
  • Top Albums

    2 May 2006, 8:47 de lathe

    Live at Sin-é

    This is a brilliant album because it's real. The most production it got, really, was for sound quality and to piece together different songs. It was recorded over two nights in a (literally) hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in New York which has since closed and reopened as a concert venue elsewhere. Buckley goes through his classic repertoir one last time before resuming touring, promoting his studio album Grace. He does covers of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and even interprets his own songs. Jazz, folk, blues, gospel, alternative... he does it all. And you get to hear how he plays with the audience. There is no better way to get to know Jeff Buckley than this album.

    The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

    This album is beautiful because it's just Bob on his guitar with a harmonica. It's about as basic as it gets, but it's got his most beautiful tracks on it. "Blowin' in the Wind," "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall," and classics like "Don't Think Twice…
  • Weekly Top 10: 3/5 - 3/12

    16 Mar 2006, 6:30 de Keatsey

    This was a bit of a slow week for me, didn't listen to as much as I normally do. Weird fucking mix of bands though, I will say. And, with what I've been downloading, next week will probably be much the same.

    1 Queen (30)
    Okay, seriously. Who doesn't love Queen? Just the right mix of humor, theatricality, experimentation, and outright talent. The Greatest Hits that I have is a little long, but it's got everything you would want on there. I think a lot of people kinda forget about these guys. They're really missing out.

    2 Say Anything (23)
    Yep. They're back... what can I say? Try as I might, I can't seem to overplay them. Usually, I get tired of bands real quick when people play them too much, but there's just too much going on in each song for me to get bored. That said, I don't *think* they'll be back next week. But don't quote me on that.

    2 Rilo Kiley (23)
    My other new pet band. I've been getting into this whole folk/indie/pop scene lately, and these guys are among the best of the bunch. …
  • How I Fell In Love With My Top Ten (Eleven)

    16 Ene 2006, 9:16 de jewofunk

    Honorary Mention Queen 341
    Queen gets an honorary mention simply due to the fact that they were in my Top 10 before this past week and they've been one of my favorites for years. I came to love Queen due to my participation in High School Drama. Not drama like "OMGZ, Becky's a whore" but Drama like Theatre.

    Apparently, it's a rule that if you participate in Theatre at my former High School, that you must love Queen. Now, I've listened to Queen since I was a small child, so it wasn't really a problem. I was introduced to them at a young age from hearing Bohemian Rhapsody on the radio and begging my grandfather to get me a CD of theirs. Luckily, he had their Greatest Hits to I quickly became to listen to the band frequently. Once High School hit, it went to a whole other level since everyone I was surrounded by listened to them nonstop. It had something to do with the whole Musicial Theatre thing, but I never sang, so I didn't get that.

    Favorite Track