• Worst of the Best

    21 Abr 2006, 18:36 de HenchmanOfSanta

    Take your top 10 artists and list the worst song bye each and why.

    1. Artist: AC/DC
    Song: Fire Your Guns

    Very very repetitive. I like Brian Johnson's voice but he sounds awful on the live version.

    2. Artist: Led Zeppelin
    Song: Battle of Evermore

    Boring, Tolkien-fellating garbage. A lot like it, I don't.

    3. Artist: Aerosmith
    Song: Pink

    Aerosmith has so many awful ballads that I could choose from, but "Pink" is so...horrible. I can't describe it, but it's creepy.

    4. Artist: Primus
    Song: Hail Santa

    Primus is such a talented band, capable of making amazing instrumentals, but they wasted it all on "Hamburger Train". This track came after the second "Pork Chop's Little Ditty," which should be the last track. It makes me think that Les was bored and wanted to throw this crap in.

    5. Artist: Guns N' Roses
    Song: It's So Easy

    Another boring song. Ironically, this has Steven Adler's best drumming, which is very lackluster during this album.