• Hooray! 10000 played tracks :D (again ^^)

    7 Jul 2006, 15:13 de RethderGerwelt

    Ahhhh what a wonderful sunday morning in our great peoples republic.....

    Since i reseted my stats in February 'cause they only consisted of stupid Black Metal i reached again the 10000 songs played mark :D

    Thats why i will comment my top seven Artists today :D (superb :D) Maybe you will ask, why 7? Why not 10? Maybe because 10 artists to comment takes a bit of time and "top ten" is just what everybody would do ;)

    1.Von Thronstahl - 1089
    I always knew that this "thing" existed but in february i actually started to listen to Von Thronstahl. It started with "Imperium Internum" and how should i say, this work is just amazing. The song "Kristall-Kristur" is my favourite VT Song since then.

    2.X-Fusion - 487
    I listen to X-Fusion since two years or so and in my old list X-Fusion was also on the second place(right after Welle:Erdball). X-Fusion is maybe the best new school EBM Artist of all time :D i even prefer X-Fusion to Nitzer Ebb O.O. Favourite Songs are: to many :D
  • .... blubsbärchen ....

    23 Jun 2006, 23:44 de killerblau