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  • Neeeeeeverworld
  • Enquanto falamos sobre política, o mundo não sobreviverá!
  • <3 master of illusion
  • Did they broke up? That's sad :(
  • this suck cant believe that this band broke up after knowing about these guys about a year. but hey look on the bright side Rich Smith and Andy Migley is now with I am I.finally after 10 or 8 years dragonforce and Power Quest member are playing with the same band since 10 or 8 year!
  • So sad =(. These are the bands completely underrated. A lot of empty bands remains, and bands like this simply are forgotten and underrated. I love Power Quest.
  • Power Quest interview @ Bloodstock Festival 2013:
  • ▶ Power Quest - Temple of Fire (Live at Bloodstock - 10th August 2013) LAST EVER SHOW:
  • Отличная группа
  • They've disbanded, why still On Tour mark on their picture ???
  • Para siempre...Power Quest \m/
  • "THE MESSAGE" NICE (๑・ω・)
  • It's a shame to hear they are finished. I remember getting their first record when it came out. I wish they'd just keep recording and do festival shows.
  • :'( why they should disbanded?
  • I really hope some other band picks up Steve as a keyboardist. I would be really sad to think that he is done with music.
  • It's so sad... :-( I really loved this band. Some of their songs will remain my all-time favourites...
  • soooo gaaay
  • It's a real shame, they always put on a great show :/
  • Damn :(
  • Unfortunately so... Real shame. The press release :
  • You know it's funny once you reach 666 plays on Power Quest...and the song is Sacred Land. Dat demonic keyboard.
  • this band more a happy band or happy metal well is happy metal is the as power metal
  • ANY music artist, that doesn't offer at least a couple streamable tracks, is out of touch with their fan base : ( What if I live in a country with heavy restrictions and only have access to a globally licensed music site, such as LastFM? I cannot access iTunes or Amazon or Spotify. Only have Lastfm! Where are my samples? Where is the show of appreciation? Where is the humility from the band? As a music publicist, I can safely say, " hiding ALL of your tracks is NOT a great way to communicate to fans!
  • yeah, but why is this band dragonforces secret side project?
  • Power Quest to support Freedom Call again in October on a few european concerts!
  • Definitively, Power Quest over Dragonforce.
  • I'm looking forward to hearing some new recordings with the new vocalist Colin Callanan. He was absolutely amazing when I saw them in Wakefield last November. It was so much better than the shows with Chity Somapala in my opinion..
  • 300. Shout! \:D/
  • In case you think this band's latest album qualifies as one of the best releases of 2011, then please tag their latest album (on the album page) as "best metal and hard rock albums of 2011” and help us create best of charts according to metal and hard rock fans on Thank you. For more info:
  • Photos and videos from yesterday show in Kaufbeuren: Finally I managed to see this band live! Still ,I would love to see them in Czech Republic sometimes, although of course I do not mind driving 500 km from Prague to see them :-).
  • stupidPity: I think it had to do with not getting level financially or something.
  • It is the hip thing for Power Quest members to do
  • why the hell did Somapala leave?
  • anybody else here like POWERMETAL!!!!!!
  • Yesterday I've seen online their show in the Snooty Fox club - - and I must admit that their new lead singer Colin really kicked ass! :-) I just hope I will see them live with my own eyes someday. They should come here to Czech Republic (Masters of Rock festival would be nice) or at least somewhere nearby, Germany or Austria perhaps...
  • Looking forward to the Wakefield show, cannot wait to hear the new singer! Not long now...
  • I feel like power quest is constantly competing with Strato in terms of former members
  • Chity left the band. fuck.
  • New singer has such a soothing and relaxing voice , in the good way !
  • Finally, they haev a singer that doesn't drive me nuts. I always wanted to like Power Quest before, but couldn't listen to them. The new album's awesome though!
  • Old albums: Power > Heavy. New album: Heavy > Power. That's not so bad.. But still power songs were better
  • >listen to blood alliance >boring intro >singer comes in >EVERYTHING BECOMES BETTER
  • I LOVE the new album, its way better than there older stuff \m/ Join Us
  • If the new album is an album of the year contender, then this must be an awful year for metal.
  • Glorious.
  • mera pijaaaaaaaa!!
  • The new album rocks, easily one of the years best in metal. I especially liked Crunching The Numbers and Blood Alliance
  • New Tour Dates added to Events...check it out!
  • Blood Alliance = 2011 ALBUM OF THE YEAR CONTENDER!!!


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