• Best "Unknown" Tracks Connected to Genre

    31 Dic 2007, 19:45 de kekle3

    I have a dream, That all people shall hear some unknown music artist! So here im making a list of different tracks of varius genres (mostly metal), that hopefully will inspire people to tjeck these guys/girls out :D

    Lets start out random:

    Black Metal
    Oh, this one is easy right now, Ebony Tears - Moonlight. If you like black metal, and havent heard this (badly produced) but great track, then do so now!

    Cyber Metal
    Yes, I like metal alot, so this genre I can mention the french band Malmonde - En Haut Des Murs with a very electric feeling to it, or if we are going to nearly unknown bands like Primary Slave - Spasm is the one to choose!

    Christian Rock
    I fucking hate all religions, BUT this totally unknown band have made some pretty good christian based rock, with a different vocal, and guitar sound. They are Point Of View Secondhand - Away

    This album is very "cold" to the sound, and somewhat depressing. …