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  • Shadowed By Vultures is rly good
  • V I P E R S ❤
  • Awesome band, enjoy every live show of them!
  • yes, they sound alot like While She Sleeps but whatever. I like them!
  • amazing record,"Black Days" is by far my favorite song off the record
  • ahuenchik
  • Sounds similar to While she sleeps (!!!)
  • Shadowed By Vultures is amazing! [6]
  • Check out my review of the new record on
  • Shadowed By Vultures is amazing! [4]
  • Hmm.. Vocals are really quite different.
  • "Forget what you think you know about Polar. All who hear the new offering are set for a big shock. This is Polar 2.0." New album is tight!
  • Shadowed By Vultures is amazing! [2]
  • Shadowed By Vultures is amazing!
  • Shadowed By Vultures is incredible so far. Much more mature and I much prefer the production on this over Iron Lungs. An early contender for AOTY for sure.
  • Iron Lungs is awesome. [2]
  • mountain throne sounds really great, i can't wait for shadowed by vultures
  • New album and tour announced, yaaaaaaaaas!
  • Vote up the UK band i say. [12348129457238523567238]
  • should have the artist names like Discogs with number behind the artist...
  • Polar added to the Radstock 2013 line-up. See the full announcement here :
  • noo. drum'n'bass is the top tag. but anyways: if you want to scrobble the dnb guy and you don't like to see the hardcore band in your library just scrobble him as "Kjetil Dale Sagstad"
  • Vote up the UK Band I say.[1254123564456858]
  • Iron Lungs is awesome.
  • Vote up the UK Band I say.[5]
  • Vote up the UK Band I say.[4]
  • Vote up the UK Band I say.[3]
  • UK Polar vote up.
  • yep, Uk band should be under Polar. (with the fullstop that is)
  • UK Polar are fucking nuts
  • UK Polar has a full stop on the end, "Polar."
  • Vote up the UK Band I say.
  • which polar did a split with Mass Movement Of The Moth? Cgsoms is a great song
  • addicted to shoe/dreamy Polar
  • drum&bass¿?
  • It is indeed... Next level business.
  • Deepest drum & bass!
  • Polar's Dubstep Remix of Vampire Weekend's The Kids Don't Stand a Chance:
  • Indie español Pata Negra! This is Spanish Indie! mi rollo porque mi rollo es el Indie! un abrazo desde Valencia :)
  • e os créditos?
  • I remember our days in your flat... but now I try to find a way to forget your charms...
  • A Polar live set you say? Uh-oh, wouldn't mind hearing that one!
  • ea
  • Spanish Polar FTW!! un chien andalou <3
  • listening again to the polar live set from bbc one world. that was wicked.
  • cool cool cool ! ! !


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