• Capital Ring - Section 10: South Kenton - Hendon Central

    9 Jul 2010, 16:54 de TrimusDA

  • Shuffle Quiz

    27 Abr 2010, 3:22 de SillySahli

    1. What's a weird phrase you like to say?
    The Spill Canvas - Lullaby
    Sure. Why not?

    2. What's your life like?
    Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
    I'd say that's about right...maybe?

    3. What's something you've never said?
    Queen - Bicycle Race
    I rather dislike biking...

    4. What do you do at parties and stuff like that?
    Skinny Puppy - Shore Lined Poison
    I poison people, apparently...

    5. What's your love life like?
    Keen - Mechanical Rusting Doll
    That's eerily accurate... I just made myself sad...

    6. What'll be your wedding song?
    Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
    This would be absolutely perfect....and I would just die...

    7. Your honeymoon song?
    Lacuna Coil - The Secret
    I suppose no one will know... I like surprises...sometimes.

    8. Your best friend's theme song:
    Queen Latifah - Runnin
    Erm. We've been separated since we're both at different Universities. We're still damn close.

    9. Your theme song:
    Powerman 5000 - Danger Is Go!
  • Roger Waters in Moscow (Best Concert 2006)

    30 Mar 2010, 20:45 de IlyasAhmed

    Концерт был впечатляющий. Приятно было увидеть множество друзей и знакомых. Чрезвычайно радостно встретить (боюсь перечислять, чтобы кого-то забыть).
    Очень плохо была сделана зона танцевального партера - и это вызвало гневную реакцию Роджера Уотерса. Он выходил в народ специально, чтобы пришедшие люди увидели его, и со сцены также обращался к многочисленным фанатам в танцпартере ("What are you doing over there?"). И мы даже не могли воду передать - охранники вели себя крайне грубо. Помню, даже ко мне подходили, не разрешали вставать.
    У нас были места в дальние сектора сидячих мест. Но мы заняли места ближе - первые сектора с дорогими билетами не были заполнены.
    Меня впечатлило звучание группы и обещанные квадроэффекты. Солидное оборудование сцены включало экраны и пиротехнику.
    Магия записей Pink Floyd передалась и в концерте. Концерт начался с In the Flesh, затем Mother. Песня, которая отправила меня в транс - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. Восторгу не было предела: 1967-68!! Вот это да. …
  • [10.09.09] The Australian Pink Floyd Show Review [Finished!]

    10 Oct 2009, 18:07 de Torenkownage

    So this makes my third year in a row seeing The Australian Pink Floyd Show. They were amazing in 2007, fell off a bit in 2008 (the setlist wasn't worth writing home about), but now they're back on top and in perfect form! The Aussies have topped themselves yet again! It's a greatest hits setlist with a few surprises thrown in. The lasers and lights were flashing, the inflatables were jumpin' and the band did not disappoint!

    Firm in my seat, the lights were low. A blank Mr. Screen. A drum set to the back-left, the keyboards in the front-right, and various guitar rigs set up inbetween. It felt like a Floyd concert before it even started. The lights dimmed all the way, Mr. Screen showed signs of life, and the iconic heartbeats slowly faded in. "...I've been mad for fucking years, absolutely years, over the edge for yonks...", "...I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like most of us have...". The thumping and maniacal laughter reached a breaking point, to where it could get no louder…
  • The Australian Pink Floyd Show at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam March 1st 2009

    2 Mar 2009, 14:50 de rikvanorsouw

    Sun 1 Mar – The Australian Pink Floyd Show

    The Australian Pink Floyd Show
    Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    March 1st 2009

    This was the second time I saw the Aussiefloyd live. The last time was in Nijmegen (http://www.last.fm/event/446023) where they did The Best Of The Wall, now they were back in a bigger venue with the complete version of The Wall.
    We (my dad and I) were sitting on row 1 right in front of the bass player. So we had a great view of the stage.
    At 8 PM exact the house lights went down and the tune of Outside the Wall started to play. In the Flesh? came suddenly and started with a blast. Awesome. Crystal clear sound coming from the stage. What a sound and what a light show! Simply awesome.

    They played almost a note-to-note rendition of the original Wall show in 1980 and 1981. Instead of real brick wall they used a backdrop screen showing animations based on the original Wall footage, The Wall movie and ofcourse their own Australian humour.

  • Roger Waters at Megaland, Landgraaf May 11th, 2008

    12 May 2008, 13:20 de rikvanorsouw

    Sun 11 May – Roger Waters

    Finally I got to see Roger Waters “in the flesh”. And it was a great day and performance! The weather was beautiful and around 4:30 PM we arrived at the entrance of Megaland. There were already people waiting in front of the gate, but not as much as I expected. Around 5:15 PM the gates opened and we were walking towards the stage. We had great places! Just about 5 rows in front of us and we were facing the backing singers. We spend some time drinking, eating and talking with all the people around us. Around 8:15 we had some movement on the stage and it started!

    I’m not going to mention everything but here are some highlights for me:
    Mother: Sylvia Mason-James did a great performance of the ‘Mother’ part but she looked so tensed and stressed about it. I wonder where that came from.
    The Fletcher Memorial Home: Roger was really in his element this one of his best songs.
    Perfect Sense: a stunning solo by PP Arnold. Really awesome.
  • Roger Waters Dark Side Tour

    11 Jul 2007, 19:12 de bamgrrl

    Tue 10 Jul – Roger Waters

    I didn't think I was going to make it. I had a rehearsal and I thought it was going to run much longer than it did. But I got lucky and got out early and also lucky because the band didn't take the stage until 8:30 so I only missed the first 30 minutes of the show. I heard Wish You Were Here while I was walking over the hill to the venue which was dotted with dozens of people who couldn't get tickets. I missed the next song because when you crest the hill and are directly behind the wall you can't hear anything. As I was walking to the venue I met a very nice guy who reassured me that I hadn't missed much of the show at all and that there was plenty of the set left.

    I got there just on time to hear Perfect Sense followed by Leaving Beirut during which I could stop myself from sobbing openly. I work day in and day out with hardcore neocons and to be surrounded by people as angry and passionate as myself about what is going on in this country just was overwhelming. …
  • Song Titles To Fit The Questions [One Band Only]...

    21 May 2007, 23:55 de fuzmeister

    I randomly found this on some dude's Last.FM page... thought it took some thought though...

    Pick a band/singer and use their SONG TITLES to fill in the answers...

    Artist: Pink Floyd

    1.) Are you male or female?
    Any Colour You Like

    2.) Describe yourself?
    One of the Few

    3.) How do you feel about yourself?
    On the Run

    4.) Describe what you are thinking right now?
    One of These Days

    5.) Describe your current boyfriend/girlfriend?
    Lost for Words

    6.) Describe your last boyfriend/girlfriend?
    Terminal Frost

    7.) Describe where you currently live?
    Empty Spaces

    8.) If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
    Set the Controls for the Hearts of the Sun

    9.) Your best friend is?
    Poles Apart

    10.) What would you ask for if you had just one wish?
    Bring the Boys Back Home

    11.) You know that:

    12.) What's the weather like?
    A Pillow of Winds

    13.) If your life was a television show, what would it be called?
    Careful With That Axe, Eugene

    14.) What is life to you?
  • Roger Waters May 18 @ 8 pm

    19 May 2007, 7:59 de BobbyTheNinja

    Fri 18 May – Roger Waters
    This concert was amazing with Roger Waters playing mostly Pink Floyd music. He played 3 of his solo songs and THE REST Pink Floyd songs. During the song Sheep they brought out this giant pig balloon and it had these two people walking around with it through every hall way around the seatings and the lawn where I was, holding on to it with strings:
    One side, "Habeous Corpus Matters (Kafka rules)". On the other, "Religion Divides Us All" (Under that says "Is that Democracy?") and "Tony Blair, good riddance!" On the Bottom, "Free At Last", The rear, "Impeach Bush Now".
    They also had this giant prism appear OUT OF NOWHERE during Dark Side of the Moon:
    The following was the set list and it was an AMAZING set list:
  • Gig Review - Roger Waters

    12 May 2007, 16:41 de Ged_UK

    Friday night saw me trot off to Earl's Court to see the legend that is Roger Waters.

    Earl's Court is a curious venue, being as it is essentially a exhibition centre, with some temporary seating put in. We had decent enough seats, quite along way back admittedly, but at least facing the stage, rather than at 90 degrees to it like everyone on the sides!

    The tour is called The Dark Side of the Moon tour, and billed as Roger playing through that album. That really is only half the story though, because the tour is also about Roger performing other Floyd 'classics', some less commonly played stuff, and Waters solo material, including one new track.

    When we arrived, the set appeared to have a huge whisky bottle, glass and old-fashioned radio as decoration, as the pre-gig music of Bob Dylan and Tom Petty played. Then, as the music switched into more classic Rock 'n' Roll of Chuck Berry, cigarette smoke started drifting across the stage and then suddenly a huge arm swept up the bottle…