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  • I thought the guitar work on Kikurui piero was extremely good.
  • V apparently nowhere :S
  • Where did Hidelow go after this? I really like his voice and I think that Kikurui piero was a fantastic release.
  • Oh, a new pic? Too bad you barely can see Kohta and Takeo in it. :x
  • I love Haken Kreuz
  • I love "Labyrinth" [2] one of my favorite songs ever, sadly overlooked
  • ♥♥♥
  • nice old band
  • I love "Labyrinth"
  • Pierrot's new pic is decidedly less cool than the previous one D:
  • YES "new" picture! about time<33
  • LOL Sì, hace ya varios años. Realmente una pena u_u Pero puedes ver los pasos ke lleva ahora Kirito, Kohta y Takeo en su banda "Angelo".
  • Pierrot se separo?????
  • I love HELLO !! the guitar is awesome ^^ I don't believe it's not in the top list
  • not really
  • oh for fucks sake stop whining about the disbanded thing.... i take it you guys are recently converted fans am i ryt?
  • Se separaron para mi cumpleaños T_T
  • angelo is not the same ;______; i miss them SOOOOOOOO FUCKING much
  • they were together for a long time, i just wish i could have seen them live. :(
  • I love this band so much it hurts [2] (Why did they have to go so soon? D:)
  • I love this band so much it hurts :(
  • Mennyből Az Angyal (angel from heaven) is a hungarian song. Actually it's a christmas song, so I never even knew that there is/was a hungarian band called Pierrot.
  • ¡¡vaya que lindo!!
  • I've been wondering that for a while
  • WTF is Mennyb¿l Az Angyal ?
  • who cares what you meaned. yay for japan
  • fuckin' japan :/ i mean polish pierrot not this
  • my favourite band *-*
  • I was lookin for their songs and finally got my hands on some LPs <3 LOVE
  • There's now a pierrot google theme! It's just like, but it's got pierrot on it and you can customize all the links and stuff.
  • yohana_chan: I like "Didactors Circus" and "Id attack" albums! for my are the best! and "Hello" single *-*
  • my favourite band ;O;
  • @yohana: private enemy is deff. their best album imo, but they're all good ^^ ID ATTACK and Heaven-the customized landscape- are really worth hearing as well <33
  • Wow I've only just discovered this band, they are amazing! I downloaded their album Private Enemy and from what I've heard from fans, this is one of their best ones? Which other albums are worth getting?
  • Yesss you guys rock :D/
  • Seriously, that was THE perfect PIERROT default
  • good old times T_T
  • this should be the default again. ;~;
  • omg! I haven't realized the PARADOX thing!! o_o)!!!
  • Click on the track you want to change. Then scroll down a bit while looking to the right. When you se a blue sentence that says 'Is this track wrong or misspelled? Suggest a correction". Click on that and type how you want it to be.
  • How do you vote for tracks? o; Might just be me that's a bit slow, but...
  • VK-inspired rock-band SAI, from Sweden. Check it out!
  • Yes - looks like it will be my new hobby to listen to kanji-written tracks and vote for them XDD Correct tagging yay! ^O^
  • i'm hoping that those of us who own the original CDs will vote for the incorrectly tagged tracks to be redirected to the correct ones.
  • so amazinggg
  • I HATE how auto-corrects the titles - making them INCORRECT!!! >____< Am I supposed to be sorry to own the original CD? >___________<
  • Mennyb¿l Az Angyal.......j'adore.......
  • un homo


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