• Tangerine Dream Discography 1970-2014

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    Tangerine Dream - Official Releases
    Since 1970 Tangerine Dream have released a large number of records, including studio, live and soundtrack records. This section features a complete list of these official releases. It is organized in seven time periods, commonly known to TD collectors. The records are listed in order of their initial release date, not in order of the date of their original recording. Plus Videos and DVD Live concerts.

    - 'The Pink Years' - 'The Virgin Years' - 'The Blue Years' - 'The Melrose Years' - 'The Seattle Years' - 'The TDI Years' - 'The Eastgate Years' -

    'The Pink Years'
    1970 - 1973
    Electronic Meditation Album Studio
    Alpha Centauri Album Studio
    Ultima Thule Single Studio
    Ossiach Live Album Sampler
    Zeit Album Studio
    Atem Album Studio

  • Tangerine Dream

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    «Tangerine Dream» — немецкий музыкальный коллектив, одни из пионеров электронной музыки и краут-рока. Образован в 1967 году Эдгаром Фрезе, изучавшим в этот момент живопись и скульптуру. Состав группы часто менялся в то время как Фрезе оставался единственным бессменым её участником. В ранний период существования группы в неё входил барабанщик и композитор Клаус Шульце (Klaus Schulze). Наиболее стабильный состав сложился позже, в середине 1970-х, когда коллектив состоял из Фрезе (Edgar Froese), Кристофера Франке (Christopher Franke) и Питера Бауманна (Peter Baumann).

    Музыкантов Tangerine Dream по праву называют одними из основателей берлинской электронной школы, да и электронной музыки вообще. Понятие "", впрочем, сейчас достаточно размыто, и зачастую к нему относят все от Klaus Schulze до самого примитивного . Альбомы Tangerine Dream можно найти в разделах
  • Paul White and Bullion Mixtapes

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    This week The Fader has exclusive mixes from Brit beatheads Paul White and Bullion who both sprung from little London label One-Handed Music, which sounds like a joke about the autoerotic nature of esoteric instrumental hip-hop. Thankfully there is no musical masturbation here. Bullion all but willed Summer 2009 into life with his luminous Young Heartache EP while his friend and label-mate's forthcoming LP, The Strange Dreams Of Paul White conjures a hallucinatory world which owes as much to guitarists dressed as wizards and epic songs about Stonehenge as it does to turntables and microphones.

    Paul White FADER Mix
    01. Intro
    02. King Stitt - Herbsman
    03. Todd Rundgren - International Feel
    04. BBC Radiophonic Orchestra - Doctor Who
    05. Peter Baumann - This Day
    06. Joe Zawinul - In A Silent Way
    07. Todd Rundgren - Never Never Land
    08. Paul White - Highlife
    09. Paul White - Universal Thoughts
    10. Paul White - Alien Attack
    11. Paul White - Get Em Up
  • Engine7 CD Out Now!!

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    Due to overwhelming demand, we've decided to make the fantastic Herb debut album by Glasgow's Engine7 available direct from the site. The official release date for the CD is July 14th, but you can get your hands on a copy now, for the great price of only £8.99


    Engine7 - Me, But Perfect CD
    Buy Now from the Herb Shop

    Engine 7
    Me, But Perfect
    added: 8 Jun 2008 // release date: 14 Jul 2008 // label: Herb
    reviewer: Andy Snipper

    I grew up on the likes of Tangerine Dream, Peter Baumann, Adrian Wagner and Kraftwerk so I like to think that I have a handle on electronics based music and the 'conceptual arts'. That having been said I also try to avoid albums claiming a high concept like the plague as they are normally no more than the masturbatory fantasies of a lonely child.

    I first heard 'Sunrise, Catalonia (7:14am)' and 'Tempertantrum (11:36am)' as two sides of a…
  • Nona Hendryx: Skin Diver (1989)

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    Ex-Labelle singer/songwriter Nona Hendryx seems to go out of her way to confound radio and record company types who would pigeonhole her. After her 1977 solo debut, which was straight-up rock & roll, and an eclectic 1983 album for RCA (simply entitled Nona), she started drifting into a more conventional rock/funk style, though the albums also drifted towards mediocrity.

    Skin Diver, released on the Private Music label, came totally out of left field. Originally classified as a new age album, it was made in close collaboration with Peter Baumann, formerly of Tangerine Dream.

    It's definitely hard to peg this album. Nona’s voice is obviously from an R&B background, but the music is all contemplative synthesizer textures. Low key, but in the end quite beautiful. The album has a slow fuse, but starting with “6th Sense” it blossoms into something quite magical. The last four songs are absolutely fantastic. Nona’s emotional performance on “Through The Wire” is one for the ages…